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The Sullivan Victims: A Study in Booze and Terror, 16121

16121: Temptation

Okay, okay. Since this is my second post, people are probably wondering what the hell I’m talking about, who Sullivan is, what all the numbers mean, and what a creepy plate with a figure on it has to do with alcohol. Well, hold on, I’ll tell you.

Silent Hill 4: The Room is one of the most underrated games in the infamous Silent Hill series of survival horror games. In it, a spectral serial killer, Walter Sullivan, seeks to kill 21 people with unique characteristics in order to complete a dark ritual. Meanwhile, a man named Henry Townsend is stuck in his room by a mysterious force and has a sad affliction that causes him to only react to the horrors around him with a dull, almost bored “What the hell?”. While Henry isn’t interesting in the slightest, the side characters of the game for the most part ARE. So while I was sitting there playing yet another session of this game, I happened to have a drink in my hand and thought, “EUREKA! I can combine booze with this game I really like!”. And it was a wonderful idea, and there was much rejoicing.

You’re probably wondering, “Well, what about all the people before number 16?”. Sadly, these people don’t get much character development and are reduced to annoying ghosts that bump into Henry while gurgling and trying to feel up his chest. However, numbers 16-20 have their own unique personalities and stories to tell. Each of these drinks will not only be based on the personality of the character, but also on their untimely demise at the hands of the Kurt Cobain-ish looking Walter Sullivan.

Picture yourself in a dark, dank abandoned creepy subway surrounded by ominous scary music. What would be really nice in an environment like this? That’s right! A random attractive woman of Spanish origin who thinks that everyone and everything is a dream and so doesn’t seem affected by anything around her. That, readers, is Cynthia Velasquez in a nutshell, or, the 16th Sacrament of Temptation. Since Cynthia is a lovely and sassy young lady, she deserves a lovely and sassy drink in her honor that pays homage to her heritage: Sangria.


3oz of red wine, whatever you keep in the house should do

3/4 oz ginger brandy

1 1/2 oz pineapple juice

2 oz lemon-lime soda

Orange slices

Lemon slices

Frozen mango or pineapple


Place all of the ingredients in a shaker, except the soda (you don’t want that to explode on you and ruin the “special favor”). Pour into a fancy glass. Top off with soda and garnish with orange or lemon slice on the rim. Enjoy. Trust me, this drink is too good to be just a dream.

Character Page:

Join me next time for the next drink and the next victi- er…character. In the meantime, if you’re taking the subway tonight, always be sure to look behind you…


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