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The Sullivan Victims: A Study in Booze and Terror, 17121

17121: Source

What even is that a picture of? The game says that it is a baby, but it looks more like a brain that is falling apart. A brain falling apart would be QUITE fitting for The 17th Sacrament of Source. The life and death of Jasper Gein is one of the saddest overlooked stories ever told in a horror game. Anyone who has played Silent Hill 2 is familiar with the character of Angela Orosco, a traumatized and mentally unbalanced woman who spends most of the game contemplating suicide. She went through an event during her youth that severely affected her self-esteem, her ability to relate to and speak with others, and left her all alone with no one to turn to. Jasper is extremely similar. His only friends were strangled by Walter Sullivan right in front of him when he was in college and the incident has left him a broken, stuttering mess of a man. In fact, the two both die via immolation, and while their final moments couldn’t be more different, both seem almost appreciative to move on from this world.

However, as tragic of a figure as Jasper is, he can also be seen as a humorous character due to his almost childlike nature. When Henry requires an item from him in order to find the key to the Wish House Orphanage, rather than demanding money or assistance asks for chocolate milk, as he is utterly and hilariously obsessed with chocolate and gets thirsty under stress. He is also very talkative and enthusiastic about the occult, having been interested in it since he was a student. In some scenes he is sitting and speaking in a relaxed, although still stuttering tone about some object with power, in others he’s waving his arms around and giggling like a school girl. Some even consider his ghost to be hilarious, as it, even though violently ablaze, its sounds can be interpreted as Jasper appreciatively gurgling the remnants of his precious chocolate milk.

When it came to creating a drink to represent this tragic, but hilarious character who was surely missed by some players after his demise, the implements of both chocolate and scorching heat were must haves.  A spicy version of “adult hot chocolate”, this drink will keep you warm and happy on a cold night of video gaming and occult research.


1 package of hot chocolate mix without marshmallows, preferably dark chocolate

6oz hot milk

appx. 1 oz/jigger cinnamon liqueur, like Aftershock

appx. 1 oz/jigger chocolate liqueur, like Godiva

whipped cream

cayenne pepper

Mix the hot cocoa mix with the milk in a mug or hot drink glass, stirring with a whisk to ensure a light texture and equal blending. Pour in the liqueur and mix again. Top with a big blob of whipped cream and just a dash of cayenne pepper. Be careful when sipping, handling, and waving your arms around and calling forth demons, for this drink is a hot one. OH CHOCOLATE, OH CHOCOLATE!

Character Page:

Join me next time for the next drink and the next victi- er…character. In the meantime, have fun, enjoy yourself, and…wait…do I smell something burning? …


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