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The Sullivan Victims: A Study in Booze and Terror, 18121

18121: Watchfulness

Now that is a cool looking placard, right? A giant eyeball with flames coming out of it, stylized in the form of something that one would see in Buddhist artwork on Buddhapada and Hamsa hands. Unfortunately, The 18th Sacrament of Watchfulness is the most boring out of all of the Sullivan victims, and generally not a very nice fellow either. No, Andrew DeSalvo deserved to be drowned in the very prison where he drowned, cut up, and poisoned so many children. What could have made his death better or more satisfying? Walter could have gotten more creative with the torture equipment in the death chamber.

So you say, “Beck, why are you condemning this character right off the bat? Nobody is purely good in this game, they all have done some questionable things.”. Well, part of the condemnation comes from the fact that the character is about as dull as saltine crackers served on a plain paper plate. Although, I can’t sit here and bash Andrew entirely. His ghost is hilarious beyond reason, almost like the creators of the game knew that between the heavily emotional hit of the spirit of 17121 and the sheer pantswetting terror induced by the spirit of 19121, that we needed something to make us laugh. To put it into perspective, the cutscene begins with the sound of jolly singing, and then you see Andrew’s fat bloated corpse with a big stupid grin on its face floating around and singing. The fact that he comically gets stuck in pipes while pursuing you adds to the humor, along with the fact that his most dangerous attack is a belly flop. The other ghosts might have some mild air of comedy about them, like Jasper’s gurgling and Cynthia’s crazy lizard walk, but Andrew seems to be designed the way he was for pure comedy. And for such a rotten, despicable fellow, I must say, at least he made something of himself and finally brought some semblance of joy to someone, (I’m sure Henry and Eileen had a good laugh at his expense).

I deliberated on the recipe for this drink for the longest time. How could I take a character that is both boring and bitter and make something great out of it? No beverage should ever be boring to the palette. And then it hit me. I had to make a drink for the designated drivers, abstainers, and younger readers that might stumble upon the site. It totally works into the theme of “Watchfulness” and, as for the drink itself, it’s a fun twist on an Arnold Palmer, which is, interestingly, one of my favorite non-alcoholic drinks.  It’s also a play off of the dirty water with leeches that Andrew had Walter drink when he was a child, although much more harmless. This drink will allow you to keep a watchful eye on those darn kiddies.


3 oz strong brewed iced tea

3 oz limeade

sour mix to taste


sour gummy worms

Add ice to a tall glass. Arrange some of the gummy worms in the bottom of the glass along with the ice. Pour in the iced tea, limeade, and add sour mix. Top with more gummy worms hanging out of the glass and serve with a straw. Sip, and try not to be a huge jerk, this isn’t soda.

Character Page:

Join me next time for the next drink and the next victi-er…character. Remember, it’s not over till the fat man sings. Wait…do you hear something? Oh no…


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