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The Sullivan Victims: A Study in Booze and Terror, 19121

19121: Chaos

While that placard might look like the lamest most uninteresting design you have seen thus far, I assure you, this character is ANYTHING but lame and uninteresting. Oh yes, that’s right. We’ve gotten to the victim that should have been the protagonist of the entire game, at least in my opinion, anyway. The 19th Sacrament of Chaos, and one of the most badass characters to ever grace a Silent Hill game, Richard Braintree is not an easy fellow to describe. This is partly because the developers put so much work into him, and partly because he is my favorite character in the game.

“Why, Beck? Why is he your favorite character?”, you ask. I just chuckle and ask if you have played the game. As I stated before, Richard is a very complex character for a side character. He is pleasant to some people, particularly Eileen and Henry, who he even tries to help out, but he is an absolute monster to others. This is the man who, when he was bumped into by a creep who he knew was stalking and harassing another tenant, pulled him into his apartment, beat the ever loving tar out of him, and sent the blood covered cretin running naked through the halls screaming. He also doesn’t really like children, but we never find out why, just that he doesn’t like them snooping around the apartments unattended. Finally, the man appears to be made of iron. He falls from a massive building and just says “Ouch, damnit”, and immediately afterward is ready to shoot whatever is approaching him. That is why Walter’s killing of him is even more…shocking, if you pardon my pun. I recall watching the scene the first time I played the game and wondering why Henry didn’t even try to find a plug for the electric chair that he was strapped into. Amazingly, even though there are tons of volts coursing through his body, Richard STILL tries to get a message about his killer out to Henry before he dies. That is dedication.

While he is a fantastic character alive, Richard makes an absolutely terrifying ghost. Rather than floating around like the other ghosts, he walks and even appears to teleport in rapid movements. The gaunt, blood drenched, convulsing spirit is horrifying enough in appearance, but along with that, he is one of the hardest hitting enemies in the game and can manage to smack you with a crowbar several times before you can even land a hit on him. He also appears to be laughing once he gets up from a heavy hit, as if mocking you, daring you to take him down.

This drink was surprisingly easy to come up with. I wanted something unique, but very very strong. I was inspired by two things when it came to the components that I decided to use. The first one is the character’s eyes, which are a very haunting light blue color in the artwork. The second was the blood-covered ghost that he becomes. The icy color of the drink also speaks to the character’s standoffish but polite manner toward some, and the violent red speaks to his dark and angry side and tendency to lash out at others. Drink one of these to feel like you too can fall off a building unharmed, (but don’t do that, it’s a bad idea).


2oz Hpnotiq

3/4oz gin

3/4oz citrus vodka

splash of lime juice

Energy drink (like Red Bull) or Lime Seltzer to top off



Add ice to a glass. Pour in all of the ingredients but the grenadine and stir together. Very slowly add small amounts of grenadine and watch them float and swirl in the drink like blood before sinking to the bottom. Enjoy the electrifying flavor and try not to get lost in a freaky world.

Character Page:

Join me next time for the next drink and the next victi-er…character. Enjoy your hopefully quiet night at home, but remember to keep an eye out for ghosts, lest you be shocked that you encounter one…literally…


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