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The Sullivan Victims: A Study in Booze and Terror, 20121

The Mother Reborn:20121

“Beck, why isn’t there a placard for this one?” Why, inquiring reader, that is because if one plays their cards right when playing through, The 20th Sacrament of the Mother Reborn, Eileen Galvin, does not actually die. Eileen herself is a pretty bland character, seeming like the everywoman counterpart to Henry’s everyman. She’s pleasant, polite, loves watching tv, and owns creepy stuffed animals, just like every average 20-something.

While she is bland, she is certainly a tough character in her own way. She is violently clobbered by Walter toward the end of the apartment otherworld and is found once again in the hospital otherworld, heavily banged up, scared, and with nowhere to go. As such, the follows Henry through the rest of the game. Some players have emphasized their frustration with her being a “burden” throughout this part of the game, but I actually didn’t mind escorting her. Some players are more than tempted to leave her behind with one of the many monsters, murderous ghosts, or even Walter who starts to stalk the player throughout this part of the game. However, this almost always guarantees her death. I don’t mind looking after Eileen, and usually equip her with a weapon so she can defend herself. My only problem is her lack of reaction to seeing the monsters and ghosts, one of which she knew as a friend when he was alive. One would think she would be more than a little horrified to see an angry reanimated Richard teleporting toward her with a crowbar in hand.

When it comes to Eileen, the things that are most memorable about her are her outfits. At the start of the game she appears in a denim skirt and a white and pink striped shirt, but toward the end of the game, since she dressed for a party, she dons a dark purple dress. More credit to Eileen for doing basically the same thing as Henry, just in a tiny dress and heels! As such, I decided a shot set, featuring the two unique colors, would be the best option to capture this character in booze form.

The Mother Reborn

Sweet Revenge strawberry liqueur

Parfait d’Amour

Whipped Cream

Strawberry Pop Rocks

Black Sprinkles

Fill one shot glass with Sweet Revenge and top with whipped cream. Fill the second glass with Parfait d’Amour and top again with whipped cream. Top the pink shot with the strawberry Pop Rocks and the purple shot with black sprinkles. Hope that your luck changes before the party…

Character Page:

Join me next time for the next drink and the next victi-er…character. Remember to keep your eyes open and your mind steeled. You never know if someone is trying to get in..


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