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The Sullivan Victims: A Study in Booze and Terror, 21121

21121: The Receiver of Wisdom

Well here we are, the final victim of the “new types”, and the main character of Silent Hill 4: The Room, Henry Townshend. I generally don’t mind Silent Hill protagonists. They can range from extremely down to earth and relate-able, to strongly devoted and heroic, to dumber than a sack of bricks and lacking in common sense, (*cough* James *cough*). Henry, however, is just boring. No, I don’t outright dislike him like I do the revamped Harry from Shattered Memories or the delusional action star Alex from Homecoming, but Henry doesn’t interest me to the extent that the characters surrounding him do. All of the other characters have a stronger motivation to fight Walter Sullivan’s ritual, or at least, they all knew him at some point in his life. Henry just seems to have picked the wrong apartment to live in at the wrong time and wanders aimlessly through the otherworld reacting to things.

Although I personally find Henry boring, I have to acknowledge that he has his own fanbase, as does just about every character in this game, and his fanbase, while composed of a highly vocal set of teenyboppers, see something in the character to like. Is it his everyman appeal? Is it the fact that in spite of everything he still pursues an exit to his apartment? Is it his stupidity in certain situations? Is it his prettyboy looks? The answer is likely the last one, but I can still respect anyone who has the guts to travel through an otherworld nightmare armed with whatever they can find just out of a sheer urge to escape and continue life as normal.

When it came to this drink, I was actually inspired by the nutrition drinks found around the world that are used for healing small amounts when someone or something clobbers you. This drink is very simple, like the character it is inspired by, but is sure to be well accepted by anyone who likes fruity alcoholic bevvys. It is based on popular “healthy” beverage Vitamin Water, too. What the hell?!

Receiver of Wisdom

3oz “Revive” Fruit Punch Vitamin Water

3oz apple cider

1oz Cranberry Vodka


Add ice to a tall glass. Pour in all of the ingredients and garnish with a slice of lime or orange. Prepare to descend into hell and find the “ultimate truth”, or just kick back and relax.

Character Page:

This concludes my set of alcoholic drinks inspired by the new-type victims and supporting characters in Silent Hill 4. However, this does not conclude my list of Silent Hill 4 inspired beverages for you to enjoy. More will be soon to follow. In the meantime, stay cool, and don’t be afraid to develop a go-to catchphrase, (Make it something more interesting than “What the hell?” though, will you?).


2 responses to “The Sullivan Victims: A Study in Booze and Terror, 21121

  1. Christopher ⋅

    I wish you talked about the other Sullivan Victims as well, at least Victims 11 – 15 have some development or interesting background story and they actually appear in the game. If I recall correctly, I think they also had their own themes. I can’t recall anything about the first 10 victims, but I’m pretty sure the vast majority of them were put under the bus.

    • Excellent idea! I will get right on that. I DO know that one of the original Victims, (10 I believe) was actually a bartender, so I will be doing something on the Ten Hearts soon.

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