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The Mythology Snob: Introduction

As visitors might not know, I am generally a very down-to-earth person. I do have streaks of sarcasm and bad humor, but I am generally not snobbish or uptight about anything. Then there’s the issue of mythology. Oh boy.

When confronted with a horrible affront to mythology that is not meant in a satirical manner, I go full-blown snob on it. You see, mythology of all sorts has been a large part of my life since I was young. I recall obsessively taking out books of Greco-Roman, Norse, and Egyptian myths from my elementary school library, and even “rescuing” several of the books when they were set to be discarded. When I moved on to college, I became engrossed in Sumerian, Babylonian, Hindu, and Buddhist mythology and took out several kinds of anthologies and religious texts to read in my free time, (nerd, I know). I found myself drawn to video games based on mythology, starting with the Shin Megami Tensei series of JRPGS. Recently, I have discovered SMITE, and it has been a blessing to my life as it respects the original material while incorporating humor.

What about humor, exactly? Humor to me is fine to include in mythology, which I suppose is why I am such a fanatic of Disney’s Hercules. It gets a lot of things wrong, and of course, censors and whitewashes a lot of things, but it also includes a lot of goofy in-jokes for people familiar with the mythology. Some myths themselves are hilarious, such as one of my favorite stories in Norse mythology, The Lay of Thyrm. Generally, I only find myself irritated when a game, film, or franchise totally misses the point of a character or myth, or they try to make an alternative interpretation that is more “edgy” more “acceptable” or more “understandable”.

This small series will have my thoughts on certain characters and stories in mythology that I am a huge fan of, and reflections of good interpretations and very very BAD interpretations thereof. Of course, booze of some sort will likely be involved.


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