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Lollipop Break: Top 6 Boss Themes

Yep, I’m going to talk about this game some more.

One thing that I talked about in terms of my favorite bosses was how amazing the music is for each and every one of them. Composed by Jimmy Urine of Mindless Self Indulgence, each of these songs sounds similar but is done in a completely different style in line with each character. Each one is absolutely fantastic and unique…but how do they stack up against one another?

The rules of this countdown are that there is only one phase of each song that can be used, as in multiple song phases will not appear here. Also, this is totally based on music alone, not on the boss fight, whether I want to knock the boss’s boots, or whether the boss is gross, just the music.

6: Killabilly Phase 1

Don’t get me wrong, this song is awesome. It just doesn’t scream “final boss” to me, however, it does scream “I am weird and awesome and showy as hell, pay attention to me!”. The opener is very catchy and a good lead in to the fight. While Killabilly is not a very good final boss, I can’t deny the amazingness of his music and the uniqueness of his character and theme. It’s still a pretty groovy and intense song.

5: Josey Phase 2

This is the section of the battle that takes place in Josey’s UFO, which while a very unimpressive race against the clock to disable his spaceship, has some fantastic earwormy music accompanying it. It really embodies the character of Josey the Funk Master as it is extremely catchy and funky but also has a sound similar to an old-school video game. I can see this being played in a nightclub with people mindlessly drunkenly bobbing their heads to it, not that that’s a bad thing at all!

4: Vikke Phase 3

Oh Vikke. I adore your boss fight, but it was hard to pick which of your themes is the best to bang one’s head to. So I picked the one where he’s a giant floating head. Ha. Ha. No seriously, this is easily the most intense and melodic part of the song and I absolutely love my metal to have a good melody while sounding intense. Nothing quite screams intense like having this playing while you are dodging shoopdawoops from an angry Viking head.

3: Mariska Phase 1

This is the phase of Mariska’s theme that I like the most, even more than the intense Phase 3. I feel like the slow, dreamlike Phase 1 is more in-line with who Mariska is as a person and what she represents. It’s a beautiful opener to the most visually stunning boss battle in the game, and a wonderful homage to psychedelic rock while still keeping true to the sound that Lollipop Chainsaw is known for. I love this, a lot.

2: Zed Phase 3

I’d be lying if I said that this bastard hasn’t grown on me as of late like an annoying red-headed fungus. That being said. I’ve always loved the 3rd phase of his theme more than the overrated first and second phases. It is at this point where Zed is at his most desperate, having been cut down the middle and nearly in half. It’s his last, shouting, screaming, cursing stand, and this song carries all the volume, weight and power that the other sections of his theme were lacking in. Plus it’s infectious. Like…really infectious.

And the best boss theme of Lollipop Chainsaw is…

1: Lewis Phase 1

Oh c’mon. Like anyone else was going to be number 1. I already stated in my other countdown that Lewis has my FAVORITE boss music in the entire game, (all 3 phases of it), however, it was difficult to pick out which phase I liked the most as I found them all fantastic. In the end I chose this one. Why? Because it’s the most awesome section of an awesome song, (I was torn between this one and Phase 4, which is pretty damned amazing too). It is this part that mirrors Lewis’s personality the best, old-fashioned, cool, and with a dark edge. Rock on, you handsome devil.


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