The One to Walk in the Sun: Reflections on Being Single at a Wedding

It’s not as bad as some people make it out to be!

“Oh my god, you went to your cousin’s wedding by yourself?!” “What if your relatives see you single?!” “What if people think you’re weird?!” “What will you do, you’ll be so bored!!!” “Can’t you just find a cute boy to go with?” “What will you do all by yourself?!” “-charlie brown teacher-esque blablablabla talk-“

Nope. Not at all. Don’t think so. Don’t care.

Firstly, the idea that single girls are miserable is rather old-fashioned, and stupid at that. It’s like being single is some sort of defect or shows that something is “wrong” with the girl if she can’t “catch a man”. Some people like to portray single women like piranha, swarming and just itching to take a bite of the nearest hunk of meat. I’m more passive. If I happen to meet someone, then that’s that, but I will not go out of my way to find a man. At the point in my life that I am at right now, I think I prefer to focus on my job and having fun than immediately trying to settle down.

The common stereotype is that single ladies are sad at weddings because one of their friends/family is getting married and they are not, as such, they are depicted as crying, scowling, and carrying on like children. This whole “couples jealousy” is something that never affected me. I was always happy for couples finding love, and I couldn’t be happier for my cousin. She’s one of those that dated and dated and dated in high school, and knowing that she has finally met her soulmate makes me very happy for her.

 I had a lot of fun at my cousin’s wedding, single or not. I drank, I danced, I sang, and I partied. Isn’t that what everyone should do at a wedding?

So, for all you single ladies that feel upset because you are “alone” at a wedding, know that you really aren’t alone at all. You are there for your friend/relative/whatever, you are surrounded by your friends, you are there to celebrate, have fun and enjoy yourself. Don’t be down on yourself for being single. It’s not a bad thing!




A Sweet Shoutout!

How Sweet it is!

A friend of mine has made a post about Juliet of Lollipop Chainsaw. Here it is right here! Check it out, he provides some good insight on Juliet as a good example of a strong female character:

This has been a fairly short post. Your regularly scheduled countdowns and commentary will return Sunday after I get back from my cousin’s wedding!