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Top 5 Scary Short Films I Recommend for Halloween

too spooky

Because the stuff that’s on TV is for WHIMPS

I look forward to tv during Halloween, some good movies are on such as Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus, and some dorky horror flicks. However, more often than not, there is no truly scary film to watch on TV. What fun is that?! Halloween is about having the utter Bejeesus scared out of you! So I have turned to Youtube in search of the creepiest, the scariest, the most unsettling short films on the site for your and my viewing pleasure. Why top 5? Because I really wanted to narrow down this list to the cream of the crop, or…the creep of the crop. Whatever. IIf a horror writer recommends it, it’s gotta be good…right?

Honorable Mention: The Cat with Hands

Although not jump out of your shorts scary, I chose to include this on the list because 1) I LOVE IT 2)It is stop motion 3) It is SO unsettling that it will leave your skin crawling at the startling conclusion. This short film sets a mood very well, but it is more surreal than horrifying. Still, I highly recommend it. Worth a watch for those who like stop motion and those who like good storytelling.

5: Luna

This film takes the classic “murderer in the middle of nowhere” and turns it completely on its head, leaving you reeling at its twist ending. Isn’t that what horror should do? Hit you over the head with the unexpected, leaving you shocked and scared? Luna is not only great at building tension, but the atmosphere is excellent. Most of the film is seen through the eyes of a little girl as a man hunts down her family. It’s certainly a must watch, but is placed this low because it is a bit long to be considered a short film at 11 minutes plus.


There are a lot of scary short films based on fairy tales and boogeymen, but Bloody Cuts Films Suckablood does it the best. The foreboding narrator creates a mood of dread while retaining rhyme. Also, the twist at the end is totally unexpected, which, once again is good. The atmosphere in this short film is so foreboding, unsettling, and rickety looking and really adds to the feel of the story. I love this one, and feel like it doesn’t get as much attention as other Bloody Cuts works, but for me, it’s their absolute best piece.

3: Mama

Yes Mama is now a movie. Yes the movie wasn’t that great. But this short film…THIS Short film, is so scary. It really shows that Guillermo del Toro knows what he’s doing when it comes to scaring the pants off of everyone. The highlight of the short film is of course the titular Mama, who is one of the scariest looking and moving figures I have EVER seen in any horror medium. That’s saying something. Fantastic work.

2: Lights Out

This film has a ton of reaction videos for a reason. It is unsettling and builds tension excellently. This is especially spooky if you live alone. Every creak, every thump, every groan…it could be something malicious out to get you. (Of course it isn’t, don’t be silly, but that is the type of feeling it builds). The end hits many people like a ton of bricks, but for me, it is the first section with the light switch. That scene proved to me that this short was NOT fooling around.

And the SCARIEST short film on Youtube is…

1: Mockingbird

Oh Daywalt Horror, you will never cease to amaze me, and in this case, scare me so much that I am a simpering pile on my couch. All of Drew Daywalt’s short films along with his longer piece Camera Obscura are fantastically made, but when it comes to sheer unadulterated horror, nothing else on the internet even comes CLOSE to Mockingbird. This short film is truly gutwrenching. What makes it scary is that you never see what is happening. That is a throwback to classic horror. You didn’t have to SEE a monster to know that it is capable of great evil. I don’t know about any of you, but I’m STILL reeling.


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