10 Creepiest Stands/Abilities in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Basically the most fabulous and manliest anime EVER!

I love Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. I have loved it for a long time, and as all fans, I have my favorite characters and favorite parts, (My personal favorite being Battle Tendency, followed closely by Stardust Crusaders). So how can I combine an anime I love with my love of horror? Well it just so happens that some of the abilities in this show are…dark, to say the least, and it contains some dark thematic elements. In this countdown I will list what I consider to be the creepiest, most disturbing stands and abilities in the series.

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Honorable Mention: Mode: Heat (User: Esidisi)


As much as I love the Pillar Men as hammy villains, only two of them will make this list, and one as an honorable mention only. Putting it simply, Esidisi is hot. No, not in that way. I mean his blood is boiling. At one point he, very squickily, causes blood vessels to emerge from under his fingernails to shoot boiling hot blood at his opponent.He can also make his own body explode and make probably the most horrifying facial expression in the series in doing so. Also there’s the small matter of what he does to poor Suzie Q…

10: Cream (User: Vanilla Ice)


The Stand of the single most despicable villain in Part 3, it barely makes this list. Why? Because as creepy as Cream is, being an all-devouring void that sometimes eats its user and itself rather unnervingly and all, Vanilla Ice is terrifying. No really, the man named Vanilla Ice who isn’t wearing any pants and is covered with hearts is scary as shit. Don’t believe me? Read the comic. He’s utterly insane and utterly devoted to his master, the evil puppy-killing body stealing vampire Dio. Talk about not judging a book by its cover.

9: Empress (User: Nena)


Empress is creepy on two levels. Firstly, it is a gross wart-like parasite, transferred by the user’s blood. slowly it will grow and eventually take a humanoid shape. If unstopped in its growth, it will eventually kill its host. This is where the second level of creepy comes into place. Once the victim is killed, the hideous Nena is able to wear their skin to disguise herself so she can more easily continue to transfer the parasite. Yuck. Just…yuck.

8: Hanged Man (User: J. Geil)


A stand used by a murderer and rapist? Surely that’s creepy enough. A stand used by a murderer and rapist that can travel between reflective surfaces unseen before lashing out cruelly and stabbing the unaware victim? Yikes. The actions of its user aside, this thing is still creepy in that it could be hiding literally anywhere, and requires quick thinking in order to take down.  The Hanged Man is unleaded paranoia fuel. It could be hiding anywhere. A phone screen, a piece of jewelry, a wine glass, your own eye…

7: Atum (User: Terence D’Arby)


A seriously underrated stand from a seriously underrated, seriously creepy villain of part 3, this stand just comes shy of the top 5. But it looks so goofy, what could possibly be creepy about it? Well, Atum has the ability to steal people’s souls and stow them away into tiny dolls that Terence collects. Did I also mention that these souls remain conscious within the tiny creepy dolls?

6: Purple Haze (User: Panacotta Fugo)

I’m not the biggest fan of Part 5, but I have to give credit where credit is due and put this incredibly gorn-tastic stand at number 6. Purple Haze, a stand with a hair-trigger temper, has the ability to spray forth a nasty flesh-eating virus at enemies. And by nasty, I mean it is able to melt a full-grown human in 30 seconds. No wonder Fugo was written out of the series, that is seriously overpowered and seriously disgusting.

5: Diver Down (User: Narciso Anasui)

The fact that I really like Anasui’s character has no bearing on this list, but rather, what he can do with his stand if he really wanted to. This stand is able to move into objects and “tamper” with their inner workings. This coupled with Anasui’s yandere behavior and obsession with “taking things apart” can lead to some nasty consequences to anyone who underestimates this creepy crossdresser. It is a damned good thing that he is working with the hero of Part 6…

4: Ebony Devil (User: Devo)


Holy shit, Ebony Devil…now we’re getting to the big ones. This one is horrifying on two different levels. Let’s begin with its user, Devo, who happens to be a sadomasochist, bearing the scars of many murder attempts. Each time someone tries to kill him, he infuses his stand with hatred, causing the small doll that represents the second form of the stand to relentlessly attack those that harmed its master, stopping at nothing in its wild killing spree. I’m not generally terrified of creepy dolls, but Ebony Devil…yeah…

3: Justice (User: Enya)


In my opinion, one of the coolest stands of the entire Jojo’s series, this fog reaper has the ability to reanimate the dead into zombies. But that isn’t the most horrifying thing that it can do. All that needs to happen is for a person to receive a single wound, and then Enya can control them as if they were a puppet. Perhaps she could make them strangle themselves. Perhaps jump out a window. Perhaps humiliate themselves by licking a toilet, (poor Polnareff). A very creepy stand indeed.

2: Mode: Flesh (User: Santana)


Ah, another Pillar Man. Yep, these fellows are pretty disturbing in how they move and all, but what makes Santana so much creepier than the others? Why, the absolute control he has over his own body, of course. By absolute control I mean, this man can make his ribs come out of his skin and crush people to death. He also can enter other peoples’ bodies and turn them into hideous abominations before ripping them apart from the inside. Also he very graphically crushes, breaks, and contorts his own body to fit inside a ventilation shaft. There’s that too.

And the creepiest ability in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is…

1: Death Thirteen (User: Mannish Boy)


Everyone who has watched Part 3 knows that this was going to be number 1. Why? Because it is horrifying. Plain and simple. Let’s start with its appearance. It’s a grim reaper figure with a clown face that can squirt eyeballs with legs out of its empty eye sockets. Its ability is to attack people in their dreams, creating an amusement park of doom with which to play with its prey until it decides to sadistically mutilate and murder them. Did I also mention that its user is 11 months old? Yes. A violently sadistic baby controls this monstrosity. That is probably the most disturbing thing about this Stand and its user. What does it say about human nature if, granted the intelligence to do so, an innocent looking baby could cause so much harm?


On Being a Fierce Feminine Gamer Girl

Or so you would think…

I’ve been a fan of video games from a young age when I racked up high scores on Street Fighter II and Tekken 3 in the arcades. Even though I didn’t get my first console until the ripe old age of sixteen, I spent a lot of time at the arcades and on the computer, (which I got when I was twelve. I was a bit behind the times) playing games. Anyone remember Neopets? Hell yes. That was my JAM! Granted, I was considered lame for this throughout high school, but when college happened, I was exposed to a whole new world of gamers and even met other girl gamers..

I was also exposed to a whole new world of bullshit.

There are many issues that come with being a woman who plays video games. First and foremost is the stereotype that women don’t play video games. This I only seem to encounter in game stores, where the staff is utterly baffled that a woman wants to buy games for herself and not for her husband or boyfriend. Sometimes this will devolve into condescending behavior…see below.


One of the biggest issues, as has been discussed at length, is the quick accusations from male members of the nerd community that a woman is a “fake geek girl” if she automatically doesn’t know EVERYTHING about the entire nerdverse ever. Like I said, I didn’t get a console until I was 16 years old, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a gamer. Also is the issue apparently of how some women play games. All too often have I been accused of doing something “wrong” or not playing something like how “a girl should”. Or even playing games that aren’t “girly”. Honestly, that’s truly ironic. Guys calling girls fake and then insulting them for playing games that aren’t stereotypically girly. Or, god forbid, a girl who likes playing dps or tanks rather than healers! *gasp* It just shows how much crap we have to deal with. Some things I have personally experienced are as follows:

“Why don’t you pick a girl character on <insert game here>? You’re a girl.”

“You’re to cute to play that character.”

“You like Silent Hill? Wow. I expected you to be a Legend of Zelda fan.”

“Cosplay whatever you want. Just be something popular, and not slutty, but it’s okay to show a little leg, and don’t crossplay or people will think you are a lesbian.”

“How are you beating me? You’re a girl.”

However, these issues are what a lot of women deal with and mostly come from men. Surely there can be some sort of solidarity or sisterhood between female ga-


This kind of shit right here is the kind of shit that really gets my goat, attacks on female gamers by other female gamers. Most often this takes the form of the “fake” gamer girl being a very feminine woman and the “real” gamer girl being less feminine. What gives? More often than not when I see things like this, feminine looking women are dismissed as “fake” and apparently real gamer girls must have messy hair, wear baggy clothes, and live in their house doing nothing but playing video games. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, and I know many girls who are like that, however, that does not mean that feminine women who play games are automatically “fake gamer girls”. As someone with long hair who wears dresses on the regular and has omnipresent red lipstick, this is unsettling. This pervasiveness that feminine women aren’t really gamers is likely the root of most of the issues I experience. As the male gaming community slowly starts to realize that girls are here to stay, they oddly enough, shun away feminine women as fake, when in reality, all of us, no matter how we look, are seeking equality as gamers in the nerd community. Honestly, it baffles me. I think it is their attempts to distinguish themselves from “other girls”, but what happens when the “other girls” are also gamers?

Really, if we are being realistic, those images should look more like this…

Hey, tomboy gamer girls. You wear your t-shirts, I’ll wear my short skirts, and let’s kick some ass. Cause let’s face it, we’re in this fight together.

In closing…

Dear Readers…


Some readers will be receiving a sneak peek at the biggest countdown I have done in the mail or via email or Skype.

Each will receive a different illustration card, and if you have received one, feel free to comment below with the one you received and just how creepy you find the story on the back of the card. This countdown is still in the works, so I would be glad to take suggestions.

10 Creepiest One or Two-Sentence Horror Stories

Dad sat across from me at the table and asked “How’s Mom?” “A bit chewy”, I replied.

There is an art to writing horror stories, and one of the finest examples of the art is to be able to freak people out with just a SINGLE sentence or two. Aside from my example above, there have been many of these scattered across the internet, and I have gathered the best of the best here, to give you a fitting chill for the winter season.

This list will not have explanations provided for each of these, or any “wow that was spooky!” commentary, just to let it sink into readers’ minds and scare them.



When we bought the house I assumed the scratches on the inside of the basement door were from a dog, but the neighbors say the previous owner didn’t have one. This morning the scratches had multiplied.


In all of the time that I’ve lived alone in this house, I swear to God I’ve closed more doors than I’ve opened.


A girl heard her mom yell her name from downstairs, so she got up and started to head down. As she got to the stairs, her mom pulled her into her room and said, “I heard that, too.”


She asked why I was breathing so heavily. I wasn’t.


I always thought my cat had a staring problem, she always seemed fixated on my face. Until one day, when I realized that she was always looking just behind me.


The last man on Earth sat alone in a room. There was a knock at the door.


My wife woke me up last night to tell me there was an intruder in our house. She was murdered by an intruder 2 years ago.


I begin tucking him into bed and he tells me, “Daddy, check for monsters under my bed.” I look underneath for his amusement and see him, another him, under the bed, staring back at me quivering and whispering, “Daddy, there’s somebody on my bed.”
There was a picture in my phone of me sleeping. I live alone.

And the most bone-chilling short short horror story is…


I just saw my reflection blink.


Top 10 Favorite SCPs

New Year, New Scares!

If you are new here, let me begin by stating that I am a horror writer and have been since my first couple years of college. Back then, I had no idea what such a thing as the SCP Foundation existed, only hearing of it a couple years back. Originally, I had a negative view of SCPs and found many of them to be crude copies of other “scary” creatures, but as of late, some have started to grow on me.

Here is the list of my 10 favorite SCPs. Be forewarned that many fan favorites will not appear on this list, simply because I find them ineffective or uninspired when it comes to delivering the feeling of dread that these creatures, objects, and people are supposed to bring.

Honorable Mention: SCP 096: The Shy Guy

The ONLY humanoid on this list not summoned by an object, I had to put this charming fellow as an honorable mention on my list as the only still mildly unsettling memetic SCP. Many other popular SCPs make me chuckle; the Weeping Angel clone, the mary sue reptile, “Radical Larry” who unleashes some serious bogus. However, Shy Guy is pretty interesting. He seems almost pleasant…as long as you don’t look at his face.

Why is he scary?: Our eyes are naturally drawn to faces, so having something that goes berserk and kills you if you see its face is pretty terrifying. Also, his design would be pretty uninspired if it weren’t for that snakelike mouth of his. Yeesh.

10:SCP 1981- Ronald Reagan Cut Up While Talking

Exactly what it says on the tin, this SCP is a video tape featuring Ronald Reagan delivering a speech, but the audio is distorted and his face slowly starts to degrade, cuts appearing and even chunks of his flesh falling away. A figure in black also appears on some stills. So why is this even on the list? Well, it is said that Reagan was alive during the time of containment and he complained of nightmares before the condition of his Alzheimer’s disease grew more severe. Is there a connection between the affliction and the tape?

Why is it scary?: I’m no fan of Reagan or his policies, but this demonic video tape is pushing it a bit. It is low on the list because of the gratuitous gore and being somewhat Creepypasta-ish in nature, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t freak me out. It’s also very well written…which is more than I can say for a LOT of entries on the SCP website. Also, it’s history based. Points there.

9: SCP 1382- The Buoy and Flight 441

“What is so scary about a red buoy and a sunken aircraft? Why is this even on the list? I’ve never heard of it! RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE.” Well, it just happens to be a buoy that when it rings up its distress signal rouses up the skeletal remains of those doomed to the bottom of the sea. It’s like Pirates of the Caribbean, except more screwed up and creepy. Doomed to repeat the actions shortly before the crash, these souls are trapped there, animating each time the distress signal is sent out and then collapsing after some time.

Why is it scary?: Scary on two different levels, it is a haunted aircraft full of doomed souls, but it is also scary because something is keeping them there, preventing them from moving on…is it the buoy? Does the plastic weathered red shell hide something sinister?  Who would have thought an innocuous buoy could be creepy!

8: SCP 087- The Neverending Stairway

“WAAAT? 087 is ttly awesome, y u put it so low?!” Oh that’s easy, because I don’t find it AS scary as the ones higher on the list, also, it’s become a bit overrated, thanks to the game based on it. Still, it’s pretty spooky. An endless staircase with a mysterious face  looming within, it is quite creepy when you think about it, especially if you have a laundry room in your (dark) basement that you sometimes end up going to at night.

Why is it scary?: A dark endless staircase with bonus scary face pop up. Need I say more?

7: SCP 354- Blood Pond

A mysterious pond from which creatures, monsters, and even human beings emerge from that just happens to be the color and consistency of human blood. Although contained and monitored, this is incredibly disturbing. Just about anything could come out of the pond, and nobody knows what exactly the substance is or what it can do, or why it keeps consistently spawning creatures and people. It’s just creepy in every sense of the word.

Why is it scary?: Well…there is no way of really knowing WHAT will come out of the pond..

6:SCP 012- The Composition

This SCP is somewhat poetic, what with a composer’s masterpiece being his…”lifeblood”. Ha. Anyway, this SCP consists of a piece of sheet music written in blood. Whose blood? Many peoples’ blood. This is because this cursed piece of music demands to be finished, and in a mad attempt to finish the piece, all who approach it drain themselves of blood as they write.

Why is it scary?: This is “I must not tell lies” taken up to 11, and that was creepy enough!

5: SCP 342- A Ticket to Ride

The unknown frightens us and intrigues us, but what happens when we are stuck in an unfamiliar place? It can be a pretty scary experience. But what if something as innocuous as a transit ticket could trap you in an unknown place forever? This is exactly what this SCP does.

Why is it scary?: Being transported to an alternate reality and a unique place sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Until one reads about the behavior exhibited by carriers of the ticket. They become paranoid, mumbling to themselves and seeming fearful of those around them. What is it that they see? Do we even WANT to know?

4: SCP 513- The Bell and the Long Armed Man

“You’ve seen it, now he can hear you. You’ve touched it, now he can see it. Never ring it, or he can touch you.” This warning attached to a rusted cowbell is best heeded, lest you want the shambling creep shown in the picture stalking you just out of your line of sight.

Why is it scary?: This takes shadow people to a whole new level of freaky. Granted 372 is also known for sneaking along in someone’s peripheral vision, but 513-1 is nightmare fuel incarnate. He is the Boogeyman that keeps you awake at night, waiting to snatch at your sleeping body with his abnormally large hands. And woe betide those innocents that wanted more cowbell…

3: SCP 895- The Coffin

What we see before us in reality is generally construed as truth. However, for those viewing this SCP through a video camera, horrifying hallucinations occur. Those in the room with it, however, see nothing more than a simply empty coffin. Seemingly harmless to those in the room, it can cause immense psychological damage and trauma to those viewing it through a camera. That is an inversion of what generally happens with these creatures, with those observing being perfectly fine. This is one interesting SCP.

Why is it scary?: Imagine seeing something nobody else sees. Something terrifying, and nobody else can understand why you are terrified. That just makes it even creepier, doesn’t it? Also, we do not know if it is caused by the once occupant of the coffin, or by some unknown force. Ghost story or not, it’s wonderfully creepy.

2: SCP 1875- The Chess Machine

Anyone who knows me knew that this was going to make the list and be high on the list. I love ghost stories and especially ghost stories that involve haunted objects, and that’s exactly what this SCP is. A Victorian-era chess machine and suit of Samurai armor, it is effectively powered by the spirits of a Russian chess prodigy’s daughters and the device even contains bits of their brain matter in its machinery. Eurgh.

Why is it scary?: SCP 1875 is scary on two different levels, firstly because it is haunted, and secondly that human souls, children’s souls were somehow manipulated to run the machine. The idea that someone would force the spirits of the girls to inhabit and operate within the machine is inhuman.

And my favorite SCP is…

1: SCP 002- The Living Room

The punny nickname of this SCP is only the icing on the perfect nightmare cake that this…thing is. A large, fleshy, round tumorlike growth with an entrance leading to a fairly low end apartment room, this SCP sounds fairly pleasant, until you realize that all of the furniture, the walls, the floors, and all items within the apartment are made from human body parts broken down and transformed by…whatever the SCP is. All the foundation knows is what it does to people, and that it crash landed on earth out of nowhere. I found this SCP creative, unique, and unsettling in all the right ways.

Why is it scary?: It’s mostly unexplainable, and what it does is horrifying. It is also not known if the people are sentient as they are assimilated into the room….think on that for a moment.