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10 Creepiest Stands/Abilities in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Basically the most fabulous and manliest anime EVER!

I love Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. I have loved it for a long time, and as all fans, I have my favorite characters and favorite parts, (My personal favorite being Battle Tendency, followed closely by Stardust Crusaders). So how can I combine an anime I love with my love of horror? Well it just so happens that some of the abilities in this show are…dark, to say the least, and it contains some dark thematic elements. In this countdown I will list what I consider to be the creepiest, most disturbing stands and abilities in the series.

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Honorable Mention: Mode: Heat (User: Esidisi)

As much as I love the Pillar Men as hammy villains, only two of them will make this list, and one as an honorable mention only. Putting it simply, Esidisi is hot. No, not in that way. I mean his blood is boiling. At one point he, very squickily, causes blood vessels to emerge from under his fingernails to shoot boiling hot blood at his opponent.He can also make his own body explode and make probably the most horrifying facial expression in the series in doing so. Also there’s the small matter of what he does to poor Suzie Q…

10: Cream (User: Vanilla Ice)

The Stand of the single most despicable villain in Part 3, it barely makes this list. Why? Because as creepy as Cream is, being an all-devouring void that sometimes eats its user and itself rather unnervingly and all, Vanilla Ice is terrifying. No really, the man named Vanilla Ice who isn’t wearing any pants and is covered with hearts is scary as shit. Don’t believe me? Read the comic. He’s utterly insane and utterly devoted to his master, the evil puppy-killing body stealing vampire Dio. Talk about not judging a book by its cover.

9: Empress (User: Nena)

Empress is creepy on two levels. Firstly, it is a gross wart-like parasite, transferred by the user’s blood. slowly it will grow and eventually take a humanoid shape. If unstopped in its growth, it will eventually kill its host. This is where the second level of creepy comes into place. Once the victim is killed, the hideous Nena is able to wear their skin to disguise herself so she can more easily continue to transfer the parasite. Yuck. Just…yuck.

8: Hanged Man (User: J. Geil)

A stand used by a murderer and rapist? Surely that’s creepy enough. A stand used by a murderer and rapist that can travel between reflective surfaces unseen before lashing out cruelly and stabbing the unaware victim? Yikes. The actions of its user aside, this thing is still creepy in that it could be hiding literally anywhere, and requires quick thinking in order to take down.  The Hanged Man is unleaded paranoia fuel. It could be hiding anywhere. A phone screen, a piece of jewelry, a wine glass, your own eye…

7: Atum (User: Terence D’Arby)

A seriously underrated stand from a seriously underrated, seriously creepy villain of part 3, this stand just comes shy of the top 5. But it looks so goofy, what could possibly be creepy about it? Well, Atum has the ability to steal people’s souls and stow them away into tiny dolls that Terence collects. Did I also mention that these souls remain conscious within the tiny creepy dolls?

6: Purple Haze (User: Panacotta Fugo)

I’m not the biggest fan of Part 5, but I have to give credit where credit is due and put this incredibly gorn-tastic stand at number 6. Purple Haze, a stand with a hair-trigger temper, has the ability to spray forth a nasty flesh-eating virus at enemies. And by nasty, I mean it is able to melt a full-grown human in 30 seconds. No wonder Fugo was written out of the series, that is seriously overpowered and seriously disgusting.

5: Diver Down (User: Narciso Anasui)

The fact that I really like Anasui’s character has no bearing on this list, but rather, what he can do with his stand if he really wanted to. This stand is able to move into objects and “tamper” with their inner workings. This coupled with Anasui’s yandere behavior and obsession with “taking things apart” can lead to some nasty consequences to anyone who underestimates this creepy crossdresser. It is a damned good thing that he is working with the hero of Part 6…

4: Ebony Devil (User: Devo)

Holy shit, Ebony Devil…now we’re getting to the big ones. This one is horrifying on two different levels. Let’s begin with its user, Devo, who happens to be a sadomasochist, bearing the scars of many murder attempts. Each time someone tries to kill him, he infuses his stand with hatred, causing the small doll that represents the second form of the stand to relentlessly attack those that harmed its master, stopping at nothing in its wild killing spree. I’m not generally terrified of creepy dolls, but Ebony Devil…yeah…

3: Justice (User: Enya)

In my opinion, one of the coolest stands of the entire Jojo’s series, this fog reaper has the ability to reanimate the dead into zombies. But that isn’t the most horrifying thing that it can do. All that needs to happen is for a person to receive a single wound, and then Enya can control them as if they were a puppet. Perhaps she could make them strangle themselves. Perhaps jump out a window. Perhaps humiliate themselves by licking a toilet, (poor Polnareff). A very creepy stand indeed.

2: Mode: Flesh (User: Santana)

Ah, another Pillar Man. Yep, these fellows are pretty disturbing in how they move and all, but what makes Santana so much creepier than the others? Why, the absolute control he has over his own body, of course. By absolute control I mean, this man can make his ribs come out of his skin and crush people to death. He also can enter other peoples’ bodies and turn them into hideous abominations before ripping them apart from the inside. Also he very graphically crushes, breaks, and contorts his own body to fit inside a ventilation shaft. There’s that too.

And the creepiest ability in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is…

1: Death Thirteen (User: Mannish Boy)

Everyone who has watched Part 3 knows that this was going to be number 1. Why? Because it is horrifying. Plain and simple. Let’s start with its appearance. It’s a grim reaper figure with a clown face that can squirt eyeballs with legs out of its empty eye sockets. Its ability is to attack people in their dreams, creating an amusement park of doom with which to play with its prey until it decides to sadistically mutilate and murder them. Did I also mention that its user is 11 months old? Yes. A violently sadistic baby controls this monstrosity. That is probably the most disturbing thing about this Stand and its user. What does it say about human nature if, granted the intelligence to do so, an innocent looking baby could cause so much harm?


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    What about Set, that thing looked terrifying

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