Blind Creepypasta Reading with the Chaotic Neon Tiki PART DEUX

More like blind suffering with Chaotic Neon Tiki, right?

If you really REALLY want to see the picture of the creature from Knob.exe here he is. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. *schmuckbait*:

There’s also audio from Cervine Birth, apparently. It is kind of weird.

After doing some looking around, it seems that the picture from Knob.exe comes from a Guillermo del Toro produced movie called “Don’t be afraid of the dark”. Leave it to del Toro to make something that freaky looking.

BONUS: Jeff the Killer Goes to Sleep


Scary Stories to Tell In the Dark: O, Susanna!

More like “O, Crap!”

Ah, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Pure Nostalgia. Pure Pants-shitting terror. Every single one of us has a story from the book that stuck with us as much as the pictures did, and for me, it was this one. This story made me dread the song and made me fear ever having a roommate, lest something happen to them in the night…

Sit back, relax, and allow me to “serenade” you with the sounds of O, Susanna!

The Ultimate Boozing: Number 1

Number 1: Whammu

I’m sure everyone who has seen Battle Tendency saw this one coming. Whammu is without a doubt one of the best Shounen villains I have ever seen, considering that many are evil megalomaniacs, (Like Dio) or cold, calculating killers, (Like Kira). Whammu is very different in that he is very honorable, refusing to kill children and enjoying fighting opponents that are as strong as he is. He also keeps his promises and is extremely likeable, in spite of being strongly dedicated to the cause of his adoptive parents. I really found his character interesting in the grand scheme of things, because up until his introduction, villains of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure had it all except tact and heart, and Whammu more than made up for that.

I wanted to make something layered and light in appearance like a swirling wind, but also light in flavor, a breeze on the tongue after the heavy hitters that were Heat Mode and Flesh Mode. Still, this drink is deceptively strong and can throw one for a whirl if they consume it too fast.

Wind Mode

1/3 oz blue curacao

1 oz Hpnotiq

Vanilla Whipped alcoholic whipped cream

1 oz cotton candy vodka

cotton candy for garnish

Layer the Hpnotiq, blue curacao, and vodka between the vanilla Whipped. Garnish with cotton candy on the edge of the glass.

The Ultimate Boozing: Number 2

Number 2: Esidisi

Esidisi is probably the craziest Pillar Man, but this makes him all the more amusing and memorable. Kars’ partner, he, like Kars is not above using trickery to get what he wants, including one particularly hilarious instance when he burst out into ugly tears in an attempt to confuse Joseph. He has a bit of an edge to everything he does and is extremely unpredictable, so essentially he is a troll. A very dangerous troll with literally boiling blood, which earned him an honorable mention on my creepiest abilities list. Also he gets points for raising two children with Kars, which couldn’t have been an easy task, (although I bet Esidisi was the “goofy” dad to Kars’ “serious” dad.)

This drink had to be spicy, but I didn’t necessarily want to make something of a hot temperature like a chocolate. I also wanted something fun and not agonizingly painful. Thank goodness for cinnamon liqueur. I also thought alcoholic whipped cream would make a fun garnish to represent Esidisi’s crazy floofy hairstyle.

Heat Mode

1 oz cinnamon schnapps

1 oz atomic hot vodka

ginger ale to top off

Spiced Vanilla Whipped Lightning

Add liqueurs to glass, top off with Ginger Ale. Garnish edge with Whipped Lightning around the edge.

The Ultimate Boozing: Number 3

Number 3: Santana

The first Pillar Man we are introduced to left an impression on me as compared to the other three in that it took him much longer to adjust to the new world around him. This is probably because he is the youngest and is fairly inexperienced. Still, this does not mean that he is unintelligent by any stretch of the imagination. Much more aloof, cold, and intimidating than the other Pillar Men, he only becomes really hammy once he has been awake for some time. Also, Santana is 100% pure body horror. There’s that.

I was inspired by the sheer horror that Santana’s abilities encompass when I created this cocktail. He has extreme control over his body and its capabilities, and as said in my “Most Disturbing Abilities” countdown, he can make his ribs attack people. The result is a variation on the classic Bloody Mary.

Flesh Mode

4 oz tomato juice

1 oz lime vodka

1 oz basil vodka

white radish for garnish, julienned

Add the tomato juice, vodkas, and pepper to a glass with ice, stir. Grind on fresh black pepper and arrange julienned radish around the edges of the glass in a manner to resemble an open ribcage.

The Ultimate Boozing: Number 4

Number 4: Kars

That’s right, Kars is my least favorite of the Pillar Men, this is probably because he strikes me as the most “cliche villain” out of the lot, stabbing people in the back and giggling his way through everything when he has lost everything he cares about. However, he still is an interesting villain and has some sympathetic traits that others in the series do not. What stands out most to me is his concern for non-human life, going out of his way to stop a puppy from being hit by a car, and making sure he doesn’t land on a patch of flowers when falling from a cliff. He also obviously cares about his fellow Pillar Men. He still isn’t the strongest in terms of characterization, however, which puts him at the bottom of my list.

When contemplating this beverage I discovered Viniq, a shiny shimmery purple liquor. I thought it would be perfect as a base for the beverage since Kars usually has the color purple and the power of light associated with him. When mixed, the shimmering nature of the drink stands out amidst the darkness, as Kars stood out amongst his fellow men.

Light Mode

3oz Viniq shimmery purple liquor

2oz Chambord

2oz Blavod black vodka

Sparkling wine to top.

Add all of the liquors to a champagne glass and stir, or mix in cocktail shaker and add to glass. Top off with sparkling wine. Stir. Garnish with an edible flower (optional).

It’s that time…

Time to get boozy again!

That’s right, readers. After a long hiatus, I am going to be having a new drink countdown with accompanying beverage recipes to enjoy whilst consuming a type of media.

In this case, the media will be in the form of an anime/manga/game. One that I recently did a countdown about on this very blog. That’s right. We are drinking with Jojo.

Although I was introduced to the series through the Part 3 OVA, Part 2 is my favorite part of the JJBA storyline. Its hero is probably the most amusing Jojo in the entire series, it’s supporting characters are very well developed and interesting and it’s villains…well…they’re what the next booze-venture will be all about!

The Pillar Men are probably my favorite villains in the entire series because of how weird they are but at the same time, how human they are…for humanoid abominations. Each one has a distinct personality and, although I do not like them all equally,I can appreciate all of them.

Top 5 Favorite Creepy Animated Shorts on Youtube

A real process it is.

I admire animators, especially those that are creative within the medium. Since I am working on my first animated short in years, I have decided to examine horror as it comes to animation. This is a list of my favorite animated shorts with a creepy or scary theme on Youtube. I will be sure to make another list should I find more, but for now, enjoy these.

5: Kakurenbo

This one pushes the definition of “short”, being almost a half hour long, which is why it is only number 5 on the list. It also suffers from some horror cliches, including the “tough guy” who doesn’t believe in curses and his nervous friend, and of course, the hero. However, it still manages to be creepy, taking an urban legend and an innocent game of tag and turning them into reality. The twist at the end is also deeply unsettling.

4: Alma

Although cutely animated, this short film is no slouch when it comes to being creepy. In fact, this is often highly placed on other creepy animated shorts list because it coaxes the viewer into a false sense of security before delivering a strong dose of horror. If you are afraid of dolls, this one will really freak you out.

3: Francis

I did not expect to like this one as much as I do, but this CGI animated classic campfire horror story certainly grew on me. It tells the strange tale of Francis, a teenaged girl who loves writing and being alone above all things. However, she makes a bad decision on where exactly she would like to have some alone time which sends her spiraling into a nightmare from which she would not return.

2: The Sandman

You know those adorable Puffs commercials with the cute children that have runny noses and such? The animator of those commercials made this amazing short film based around childhood fears. And my god, as an adult, this thing is still TERRIFYING. The Sandman himself is probably one of the most unsettling claymation creations I have seen. If this list was based by scare factor instead of my own personal taste, it would surely be number one. Nevertheless, it more than deserves a spot high on this list.

And my favorite creepy animated short film on Youtube is…

1: The Backwater Gospel

This is probably the most beautifully animated film I have seen on Youtube as a whole, and its grim subject matter firmly cemented its position at number one. The story is accompanied by the drunken yet surprisingly coherent drabbling tune of a bum who states that the undertaker will be coming to the town of Backwater to claim someone in time. This film deals with many heavy topics, but most notable are the fear of death and the corruption of religion. Oddly enough, the scariest thing in this short film is not the Undertaker himself. Give it a watch. It will make you think.

Spooky Series Spotlight: Camera Obscura

Camera shy demons walk among us.

Drew Daywalt is no stranger to horror. Mockingbird has been featured on this very blog, and Bedfellows is notoriously frightening. However, I feel as if his series Camera Obscura has not gotten much love outside of horror-themed professional websites.

Camera Obscura is the tale of a woman whose beloved grandfather died under mysterious circumstances. She comes across a box of his belongings containing a mysterious camera and a book full of strange photographs and ramblings. It all goes downhill from here as the woman finds herself in a world full of horrible demons that can only be viewed through the titular camera obscura.

This series boasts amazing creature design, ambiance, and a sense of dread. It takes a lot of inspiration from the Fatal Frame series of games, so if you enjoy those, you will likely enjoy this. The demons are creative in design and function, and I may do a post based on them alone later on. In the meantime, check out this great series and be prepared for scares, twists and turns, and excellent storytelling.