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Another Top 10 Creepypastas

Good creepypasta anyway, bad ones are just nightmare retardant.

It has come to my attention that there are a couple of creepypastas that are actually quite good that didn’t make my previous list. While Gateway of the Mind remains my favorite, (and probably will be for a very long time), there are certainly ones I haven’t listed that need their due respect. I’ve noticed that I am drawn to creepypastas that many people overlook, and disinterested in things involving slenderman or Jeff the mary sue or some guy with no eyes. This top 10 does in no way overwrite the other top 10, it’s just a way to draw attention to other stories that haven’t gotten much love.

The original list is here:

10: Happiness for Sale

Let’s talk about how much the Happy Mask Salesman scares the shit out of me. A lot. That’s why it ends up on this list. There’s something not quite right about this character, and I feel like this is the first Zelda pasta to really make him even creepier to me. This story takes place in universe and explains exactly how he ended up with so many masks. So why is it so low? Well not everyone has a fear of the Happy Mask Salescreep so it won’t work for everyone.

9: The Smiling Man

A classic creepypasta that has even been made into a short film, it presents a nice foray into the world of the uncanny valley. What is the uncanny valley? When something is just slightly inhuman. The creepiest thing about this pasta is the unknown. Who is the man? WHAT is the man? What are his intentions? Damn terrifying, that’s for sure. It loses some points however for sometimes quickly turning into nightmare retardant depending on how one looks at the man.

8: A Few Suggestions

What do I like other than horror? Comedy. And Slimebeast does it again with the prequel to Abandoned by Disney…combines horror with comedy I mean. I was torn between laughing and being horrified throughout these little suggestion cards. It’s a good read and really builds up the story for the later installments.


Yes, that’s right. A Mario creepypasta made it onto my list. “Wow, it must be REALLY good then”, you might think. Yes. Yes it is. The game is a bit kooky and some of the translations are hilarious, and of course, it has some general “scary game” content. However, what sets it apart from other gaming creepypastas is that this story may be tied to a murder. Chilling!

6: Faulty Wiring

Why hasn’t this story shown up on many top 10s? Honestly, I don’t know. It more than deserves its spot here. This is an ESPECIALLY scary story if you live alone and don’t really know the full layout of the building that you live in, especially true in an apartment complex. It is also incredibly believable and the ending delivers a punch of terror right to the gut.

5: Where Bad Kids Go

But one creepypasta on this list with the comments full of teenagers squealing “I don’t get it! That wasn’t scary! Oh my god where is the emo crybaby monster that kills people!”. Don’t let those kids fool you. This one is unsettling and good, being one of two examples, along with Candle Cove of a creepy lost tv show done RIGHT. It also deals with subliminal messaging and the extent that those who wish to teach lessons to children will go to ensure they don’t become like “Bad Kids”.

4: 1999

Everyone seems to have this one on their top list. Why? Because it’s actually really good. Instead of going the standard route of the “demonic tv show” that just shows a bunch of scary pictures and things, 1999 has an entire set up outside of the standard creepy imagery. It is heavily based on reality and the tactics that people use to lure their unsuspecting victims to their fate.

3: Lightning

Ah to be a kid again, with a vivid imagination and a love for all things. Children gaze at the world around them with joy and wonderment, amazed by simple things such as thunderstorms. This creepypasta is amazingly written and hits the reader over the head with an unexpected soul-rendering ending. This is a VERY high rated pasta on the wiki for a good reason. Simple, short and scary.

2: Annie96 Is Typing

Talk about underrated. This creepypasta doesn’t even show up on the creepypasta wiki! But it edges its way into the number 2 slot on my list because of how realistic it is and the types of fears it creates. This chatroom nightmare could easily compete with the legendary Funnymouth in terms of “holy shit” factor. Don’t pass this one over. The end will leave you reeling.

And the creepiest creepypasta on this new list is…

1: Barbie.avi

It’s an odd choice for number 1 yes, but holy crap did this thing give me the CREEPS. Why? Because it could actually happen and probably has, given the increasing trend of urban exploration. It also leaves the ending ENTIRELY open ended. The event could have been paranormal, or something entirely mundane, but the author leaves it up to the reader to figure out what exactly went down in the abandoned house. There is nothing better than a story that makes one think. A great, realistic, well written scare and highly recommended.


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