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Spooky Series Spotlight: Seriously Strange

Just what it says on the tin

Welcome to a new series for my blog that will highlight some creepy Youtube series that are well worth the watch if you are in the mood to be spooked.

The first Youtube series that I have decided to highlight for this is Rob Dyke’s Seriously Strange. I stumbled across these little gems of real life horror while watching Rob’s other series, Why Would You Put That On The Internet? Rob narrates these strange, tragic, gruesome stories with illustrations by Joopis and photographs providing visual context. Video subjects include hauntings, curses, cannibalism, coincidence, disappearances, and experiments. Famous subjects such as Annabelle, Robert the Doll, Little Bastard, and Elizabeth Bathory are discussed along with lesser known tales.

Seriously Strange is a great way to find out about real life crime and horror with dabbling in the realm of the supernatural. Its presentation is similar to television shows such as Dark Matters, Unsolved Mysteries, and Weird Travels. If you are a fan of shows like these, you will enjoy Seriously Strange.



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