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Spooky Series Spotlight: Camera Obscura

Camera shy demons walk among us.

Drew Daywalt is no stranger to horror. Mockingbird has been featured on this very blog, and Bedfellows is notoriously frightening. However, I feel as if his series Camera Obscura has not gotten much love outside of horror-themed professional websites.

Camera Obscura is the tale of a woman whose beloved grandfather died under mysterious circumstances. She comes across a box of his belongings containing a mysterious camera and a book full of strange photographs and ramblings. It all goes downhill from here as the woman finds herself in a world full of horrible demons that can only be viewed through the titular camera obscura.

This series boasts amazing creature design, ambiance, and a sense of dread. It takes a lot of inspiration from the Fatal Frame series of games, so if you enjoy those, you will likely enjoy this. The demons are creative in design and function, and I may do a post based on them alone later on. In the meantime, check out this great series and be prepared for scares, twists and turns, and excellent storytelling.



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