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Top 5 Favorite Creepy Animated Shorts on Youtube

A real process it is.

I admire animators, especially those that are creative within the medium. Since I am working on my first animated short in years, I have decided to examine horror as it comes to animation. This is a list of my favorite animated shorts with a creepy or scary theme on Youtube. I will be sure to make another list should I find more, but for now, enjoy these.

5: Kakurenbo

This one pushes the definition of “short”, being almost a half hour long, which is why it is only number 5 on the list. It also suffers from some horror cliches, including the “tough guy” who doesn’t believe in curses and his nervous friend, and of course, the hero. However, it still manages to be creepy, taking an urban legend and an innocent game of tag and turning them into reality. The twist at the end is also deeply unsettling.

4: Alma

Although cutely animated, this short film is no slouch when it comes to being creepy. In fact, this is often highly placed on other creepy animated shorts list because it coaxes the viewer into a false sense of security before delivering a strong dose of horror. If you are afraid of dolls, this one will really freak you out.

3: Francis

I did not expect to like this one as much as I do, but this CGI animated classic campfire horror story certainly grew on me. It tells the strange tale of Francis, a teenaged girl who loves writing and being alone above all things. However, she makes a bad decision on where exactly she would like to have some alone time which sends her spiraling into a nightmare from which she would not return.

2: The Sandman

You know those adorable Puffs commercials with the cute children that have runny noses and such? The animator of those commercials made this amazing short film based around childhood fears. And my god, as an adult, this thing is still TERRIFYING. The Sandman himself is probably one of the most unsettling claymation creations I have seen. If this list was based by scare factor instead of my own personal taste, it would surely be number one. Nevertheless, it more than deserves a spot high on this list.

And my favorite creepy animated short film on Youtube is…

1: The Backwater Gospel

This is probably the most beautifully animated film I have seen on Youtube as a whole, and its grim subject matter firmly cemented its position at number one. The story is accompanied by the drunken yet surprisingly coherent drabbling tune of a bum who states that the undertaker will be coming to the town of Backwater to claim someone in time. This film deals with many heavy topics, but most notable are the fear of death and the corruption of religion. Oddly enough, the scariest thing in this short film is not the Undertaker himself. Give it a watch. It will make you think.


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