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It’s that time…

Time to get boozy again!

That’s right, readers. After a long hiatus, I am going to be having a new drink countdown with accompanying beverage recipes to enjoy whilst consuming a type of media.

In this case, the media will be in the form of an anime/manga/game. One that I recently did a countdown about on this very blog. That’s right. We are drinking with Jojo.

Although I was introduced to the series through the Part 3 OVA, Part 2 is my favorite part of the JJBA storyline. Its hero is probably the most amusing Jojo in the entire series, it’s supporting characters are very well developed and interesting and it’s villains…well…they’re what the next booze-venture will be all about!

The Pillar Men are probably my favorite villains in the entire series because of how weird they are but at the same time, how human they are…for humanoid abominations. Each one has a distinct personality and, although I do not like them all equally,I can appreciate all of them.


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