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The Ultimate Boozing: Number 4

Number 4: Kars

That’s right, Kars is my least favorite of the Pillar Men, this is probably because he strikes me as the most “cliche villain” out of the lot, stabbing people in the back and giggling his way through everything when he has lost everything he cares about. However, he still is an interesting villain and has some sympathetic traits that others in the series do not. What stands out most to me is his concern for non-human life, going out of his way to stop a puppy from being hit by a car, and making sure he doesn’t land on a patch of flowers when falling from a cliff. He also obviously cares about his fellow Pillar Men. He still isn’t the strongest in terms of characterization, however, which puts him at the bottom of my list.

When contemplating this beverage I discovered Viniq, a shiny shimmery purple liquor. I thought it would be perfect as a base for the beverage since Kars usually has the color purple and the power of light associated with him. When mixed, the shimmering nature of the drink stands out amidst the darkness, as Kars stood out amongst his fellow men.

Light Mode

3oz Viniq shimmery purple liquor

2oz Chambord

2oz Blavod black vodka

Sparkling wine to top.

Add all of the liquors to a champagne glass and stir, or mix in cocktail shaker and add to glass. Top off with sparkling wine. Stir. Garnish with an edible flower (optional).


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