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The Ultimate Boozing: Number 2

Number 2: Esidisi

Esidisi is probably the craziest Pillar Man, but this makes him all the more amusing and memorable. Kars’ partner, he, like Kars is not above using trickery to get what he wants, including one particularly hilarious instance when he burst out into ugly tears in an attempt to confuse Joseph. He has a bit of an edge to everything he does and is extremely unpredictable, so essentially he is a troll. A very dangerous troll with literally boiling blood, which earned him an honorable mention on my creepiest abilities list. Also he gets points for raising two children with Kars, which couldn’t have been an easy task, (although I bet Esidisi was the “goofy” dad to Kars’ “serious” dad.)

This drink had to be spicy, but I didn’t necessarily want to make something of a hot temperature like a chocolate. I also wanted something fun and not agonizingly painful. Thank goodness for cinnamon liqueur. I also thought alcoholic whipped cream would make a fun garnish to represent Esidisi’s crazy floofy hairstyle.

Heat Mode

1 oz cinnamon schnapps

1 oz atomic hot vodka

ginger ale to top off

Spiced Vanilla Whipped Lightning

Add liqueurs to glass, top off with Ginger Ale. Garnish edge with Whipped Lightning around the edge.


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