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The Ultimate Boozing: Number 3

Number 3: Santana

The first Pillar Man we are introduced to left an impression on me as compared to the other three in that it took him much longer to adjust to the new world around him. This is probably because he is the youngest and is fairly inexperienced. Still, this does not mean that he is unintelligent by any stretch of the imagination. Much more aloof, cold, and intimidating than the other Pillar Men, he only becomes really hammy once he has been awake for some time. Also, Santana is 100% pure body horror. There’s that.

I was inspired by the sheer horror that Santana’s abilities encompass when I created this cocktail. He has extreme control over his body and its capabilities, and as said in my “Most Disturbing Abilities” countdown, he can make his ribs attack people. The result is a variation on the classic Bloody Mary.

Flesh Mode

4 oz tomato juice

1 oz lime vodka

1 oz basil vodka

white radish for garnish, julienned

Add the tomato juice, vodkas, and pepper to a glass with ice, stir. Grind on fresh black pepper and arrange julienned radish around the edges of the glass in a manner to resemble an open ribcage.


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