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The Ultimate Boozing: Number 1

Number 1: Whammu

I’m sure everyone who has seen Battle Tendency saw this one coming. Whammu is without a doubt one of the best Shounen villains I have ever seen, considering that many are evil megalomaniacs, (Like Dio) or cold, calculating killers, (Like Kira). Whammu is very different in that he is very honorable, refusing to kill children and enjoying fighting opponents that are as strong as he is. He also keeps his promises and is extremely likeable, in spite of being strongly dedicated to the cause of his adoptive parents. I really found his character interesting in the grand scheme of things, because up until his introduction, villains of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure had it all except tact and heart, and Whammu more than made up for that.

I wanted to make something layered and light in appearance like a swirling wind, but also light in flavor, a breeze on the tongue after the heavy hitters that were Heat Mode and Flesh Mode. Still, this drink is deceptively strong and can throw one for a whirl if they consume it too fast.

Wind Mode

1/3 oz blue curacao

1 oz Hpnotiq

Vanilla Whipped alcoholic whipped cream

1 oz cotton candy vodka

cotton candy for garnish

Layer the Hpnotiq, blue curacao, and vodka between the vanilla Whipped. Garnish with cotton candy on the edge of the glass.


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