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Chilling Channels: nana825763

A series dedicated to entire channels of horror and fear.

The first channel I have chosen to highlight on this new series is nana825763, also known as the Username666 channel. Although I find the Username666 pasta to be dull and uninspired, nana825763’s channel is one of madness and terror. The creator of the channel specializes in unexplainable twisted stop motion and edited videos. Some of them start off as fairly normal and devolve into gradual horror, whereas others begin the horror right off the bat. Their imagery is unlike anything I have seen before on youtube and it is a shame that only the Username666 video has a lot of views.

Their first video “Doll” is my personal favorite, although the famous Username666 video is worth a watch because, without the context as “the devil’s youtube channel” it is rather spooky.

Give these a watch late at night with all the lights turned off.



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