30 Days of Jojo: Part 4

4: Character you wish wasn’t dead

Now, a lot of people have put their favorite characters here, but I understand that yes, the Pillar Men had to die in order for humanity to continue existing in its current state. So instead, I am going to list the deaths that I feel were absolutely pointless.


I know that there is a trend in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure where a lot of dogs die, but Iggy honestly deserved to go back home and settle down after everything was over. Instead, he dies from exhaustion saving Polnareff. I wanted this doggy to succeed, not get beaten up by Dio’s stupid manservant, Vanilla Ice. It wasn’t quite “rage-inducing” but more sad and disappointing. Rest in Peace, Iggy.

Honorable Mentions:


Sometimes I wonder what the hell Araki was thinking with Vento Aureo. The uninspired characters, dreadful villain, and disappointing ending were bad enough, but killing off Jean Pierre Polnareff was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. Not only was he not nearly as entertaining as he was in Part 3, but he gets killed off by the WORST villain in the entire series…and then his soul is trapped in a turtle. He deserved better.


You know that trope about a character who is believed to be dead, comes back all heroically, only to die for real later? Avdol is that character. While I am glad he was spared from an early death, his sudden demise at the hands of that leotard-wearing piece of shi- I mean, Vanilla Ice, was not a good send-off. He shares this spot with…


Mountain Tim, who also experienced a rather abrupt fridging after a fakeout. I really wanted him to become more of a major player in Steel Ball Run, and yet he was taken out by a lackey, (although Blackmore is a more interesting and less fucking ridiculous lackey than Iceicebaby). Can you tell that I don’t like abrupt and unexciting deaths for characters that deserved better?


30 Days of Jojo: Part 3

3: Favorite Character

Oh, funny seeing you here again, Wamuu (and if fangirls can blab about Kakyoin and Dio multiple times, I can do the same with this dude). A true warrior from the start, Wamuu just seemed to be part of what made Battle Tendency special. The fights with him are amazingly done, and his fighting spirit, honor, and characterization made him an obvious choice for this spot. He’s one of those villains that seems almost heroic because of how he behaves, in spite of his ties to the main villain. Also, he is a gorgeous example of Araki’s early “beefcake” style.

Honorable Mentions

Mohammed Avdol is probably the most wonderfully written new character in Part 3. I think of him as sort of a midpoint between the two extremes presented in our group of heroes. On one side we have Joseph and Polnareff dorking their way through things, and on the other we have Kakyoin and Jotaro, who are very distant. I like how he seems to remain focused on the task at hand when all is going to hell around him. Also his moments of humor and sass are brilliant.


I love Speedwagon. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love Speedwagon. He’s the ultimate cheerleader for both Jonathan and Joseph and is so marvelously ridiculous, hammy, and entertaining n spite of having no powers whatsoever. Also his abs can heal wounds. There’s that too. He shares the spot of third favorite character with a different variety of over-the-top- dork…

Esidisi bt color v03 pg004

Esidisi HAD to be on my list somewhere. Sadly, he is underappreciated compared to the other Pillar Men, but he is so amusing, creepy, and ridiculous that I can’t not love him. I love how crazy he is. I wish he had more scenes and material, but what he did have was brilliant.

30 Days of Jojo: Day 2

2: Favorite Villain

This is a REALLY complicated question, so I am going to divide it for ease of answering this.

2a: Favorite Main Villain


Just -narrowly- edging out my second place entry to become my favorite main villain is Funny Valentine. Why do I like this guy so much? Valentine’s motivation is to further the interests of his beloved United States, at whatever cost. Whatever cost. He’s brilliantly written and has both moments where he is intimidating, (when he corners Lucy Steel comes to mind) and moments where he is…well…funny, (Dojyaaaaaa~n anyone?) This is what makes him great to me.

Honorable Mentions:


This magnificent son of a bitch comes in second place. What is there left to say about Kars that hasn’t been said? He’s so wonderfully evil, but unlike Dio, he has a motivation other than “MUAHAHA I B EBIL!”. It all began with a desire to advance his people and be able to conquer the weakness of the sun. Like Valentine, Kars will use any means to achieve his goal. However, Kars just has a lot more fun doing what he does along with looking fabulous. It really was close.


From a villain with brilliant writing, to a villain who is over the top corny, and to one that scares the crap out of me. Yoshikage Kira is without a doubt the most terrifying villain in the series, so as a horror writer, I kind of like him. I am amazed with just HOW far Araki went with this character and how utterly fucked up he is. Firstly, he has an obsession with women’s hands. Secondly, he’s a serial killer. Thirdly, he steals people’s faces. Also, bombs. You do the math.

2b: Favorite Supporting Villain


This is why I had to separate this question into two categories, because although not a main villain, Wamuu is one of my favorite characters -in the series-. Honor, respect, and humanity are not something you would commonly associate with a villain, let alone a vampire-eating Aztec stripper demigod, but that’s what makes this character utterly brilliant. He refuses to commit many atrocities that the rest of his strange little family would and enjoys battle above all things. Can we just classify him as an “anti-villain” now?

Honorable Mentions:


Oh look, another Pillar Man. This one is a complete nutjob! Esidisi is a truly fascinating villain. Kars’ better half, he is the most “emotional” of his bizarre little family, and by that, we mean he goes through extreme mood swings. One minute he could be quietly scheming, and the next he could be screaming and carrying on like a child. He’s intelligent, but surprisingly goofy. I really enjoyed his fight with Joseph and wanted to see more. Also, the gloriousness of his posing has to be seen to be believed.


An odd choice, but an underappreciated supporting villain, Bruford was once an honorable knight serving under queen Mary Stewart. He, along with Tarkus was resurrected by Dio to fight Jonathan and his friends. However, Bruford, unlike his more brutish companion, is a very human character, especially once he is defeated and regains his sanity. He fights not only with a sword but also with his hair, and is a proud warrior, similar to Wamuu. I wish this character was more well-liked.

30 Days of Jojo- Day 1


Let’s do this!!

1: Favorite Jojo

This was surprisingly hard for me to pick, but I had to go with this dork right here:


Joseph Joestar is endlessly entertaining. In spite of his previous status as a bit of a guile hero who doesn’t take things seriously, he grows as a very likeable hero, although still very human. He’s definitely the most relatable of the Jojo’s for me and I immediately became wrapped up in his story when he was introduced. Quick witted, resourceful, and hilarious, (see above), it’s no wonder that Joseph is as popular as he is. I am SO glad he stuck around for Stardust Crusaders. It would have been boring without him!

Honorable Mentions:

Josuke orange crop

Josuke Higashikata is just as much of a dork as his old man, but comes off as slightly nicer in disposition, (in spite of his hair-trigger temper…haha…hair…geddit?) as he doesn’t kill his enemies and befriends many of them. One of the most human main characters I have seen in shounen manga, Josuke is very much an average high school kid with magical powers, but unlike many examples of this trope, he only LOOKS like a delinquent.

Josuke jojolion crop

Gappy is…weird. He has no idea who he is, what he is, or who he is a fusion of. The most alien of the Jojos to date, he is nonetheless a great character and a breath of fresh air after Johnny. Although he is eccentric to the point of insanity in some cases, he is nonetheless a nice…person…thing, especially to the girl who found him on the beach, Yasuho. I look forward to see what direction Araki takes with this character.


FYI, my least favorite Jojo is this poor excuse for a main character:

Giorno color c444

Top 5 Favorite Anime Closings

…and an equally great ending.

Criteria for this list include that it has to be an anime that I have seen. If I haven’t seen an episode, but I have seen the ending, it doesn’t count. Also, only anime that I thoroughly enjoy will make it onto this list. Some anime I have seen have amazing openings but the content of the show is…lacking. Also no series can be listed twice on this, Basically the same rules as last time.

Honorable Mention: Hellsing TV Anime (“Shine”- Mr. Big)


I would probably be lambasted by the entire anime community if I put this any higher on my list. Sorry, I like the TV Anime. It was my first exposure to Hellsing, and I am very grateful for it. Although it doesn’t follow the story of the manga, it still provides a good story and has a GREAT ending. I’ve heard people saying that this song is too positive for the anime, but it fits perfectly with the tv anime, (Also Hellsing Ultimate is not 100% serious, so shaddup). This song is very nostalgic for me, hence its placement on my list.

5: Yu Yu Hakusho (“The Homework Never Ends” ENG ver. by Sarah White)


Although Chapter Black is my favorite arc, the ending for the first few episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho is SO nostalgic for me from when I used to watch it on Toonami after school, (and get made fun of by my friend for not liking Kurama and instead having a preference for Kuwabara). You might wonder why I didn’t put the Japanese version on here. Well, that’s because I grew up with the English one. It’s simple, but I like the style of it.

4: Speed Grapher (“Break the Cocoon”- Yoriko)


Once again this little series ends up on my list. I can’t help it. The art style of the ending is amazing but simplistic, contrasting bright colors with washed out ones. It also, like the opening, highlights all of the characters and acts almost like a scrapbook of memories, which can have some emotional effect in the later episodes especially. It also acts as a bit of a breather if you are binge-watching, which is nice. I highly recommend this series to anyone who is into supernatural ideas, the power of the mind over body, and possessing a strong stomach.

3: Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt (“Fallen Angel”-Aimee B.)


Cutely animated but anything cute in subject matter, this ending perfectly caps off an episode of one of the best anime I have seen in years.For a long time I was looking for a new series in a sea of sameness and I stumbled upon this nonsense. The ending is very cute, showing Panty and Stocking about to die in various ways while one of the best songs of the anime plays in the background. I love this anime, and the ending is perfect and fitting for it. It’s quirky, strangely cute, and a bit dark, just like the show. Repent, motherfucker!

2: FLCL (“Ride on Shooting Star” -The Pillows)


This ending would have been number 1 if it weren’t for number 1. The song is SO good and the visuals are amazing. For a series as weird as FLCL, it fits well. Part live action visuals and part animated, It follows the story of Haruko’s Vespa, which is fitting because it is that very Vespa that sets off the events of the bizarre series.

And my favorite Anime Ending is…

1: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency (“Roundabout”-YES)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKr46XveL6w (Part 1)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cjn5Scm2uzY (Part 2)

What makes this ending unique is how it can vary between episodes, featuring different characters and even different parts of the song. Particularly notable is that this is a rather old song, created in 1971, and yet it fits perfectly with the anime, particularly in the case of Battle Tendency. This ending is fairly simple, but effective, even showing glimpses of the history of the mask in the segments of Part 1 and concluding perfectly with Part 2’s ending. It’s like the two endings were MADE to fit together and it is absolutely brilliant, tying the first parts of JJBA together. Amazing. Simply amazing.

Top 5 Favorite Anime Openings

Every story needs a great beginning…

Criteria for this list include that it has to be an anime that I have seen. If I haven’t seen an episode, but I have seen the opening, it doesn’t count. Also, only anime that I thoroughly enjoy will make it onto this list. Some anime I have seen have amazing openings but the content of the show is…lacking. Also no series can be listed twice on this, (Sorry Sono Chi No Sadame, you know I love ya!)

Honorable Mention: Gunslinger Girl (“The Light Before We Land”- The Delgados)


A gloomy tune for one of the gloomiest anime I have ever seen, but with hope spots to it. Gunslinger Girl is the tale of several girls fitted to be cybernetic assassins following life-threatening injuries. The song feels like an innocent song with a darker edge, fitting the lives of these girls well as they go through their missions with little remorse. It certainly sets the mood for what is in store and the song is absolutely beautiful. If you can handle animation from the early 2000s, give this a watch.

5: Paranoia Agent (“Dream Island Obsessional Park”- Susumu Hirasawa)


One of my favorite anime, and one of the first I saw as an adult. This opening is one that sticks with you. It barely makes my list because I feel like there are better openings to other anime I enjoy, but boy is it -unsettling-. Only fitting when you know that it is a murder mystery made by Satoshi Kon. Consisting of shots of people laughing madly in the face of death, this is certainly one to not watch right before bed.  If having your mind blown is something you enjoy -do- check this series out. Sadly, it is only 13 episodes long, but it is WORTH it.

4: Speed Grapher (“Girls on Film” – Duran Duran)


Sadly this opening is the less known variation of the Speed Grapher opening. Honestly, this song fits the theme of the anime so well, (about a man who can kill using his camera and an objectified young girl treated as a “goddess” by a corrupt society). I first caught this anime on IFC and I fell in love, (which apparently makes me a bad feminist). This is the only opener using an 80s song on my list, but the fact that it uses such a popular song makes it pretty amazing. It works wonderfully with the anime and prepares the viewer for what’s coming in a rather artsy way.

3: Last Exile (“Cloud Age Symphony”- Okino Shuntaro)


I swear I am the only human being who absolutely loved this steampunk inspired anime, which I feel fell under the radar. I really enjoyed the imaginative storyline, but it was the opening that made me want to watch it. The sweeping shots of the airships with dramatic bagpipe laden music drew me in and I wanted to know the story behind both the pilots and the guild just from that, and from there, I ranked it among my favorite anime. It’s beautiful, but simply made, like the series, and does a good job of preparing the viewer for what’s in store.

2: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency (“Bloody Stream”- Coda)


Everyone who knows me knew that this was going to happen. NARROWLY edging out the iconic opening to Phantom Blood is the opening to Battle Tendency. It’s so colorful, lively, and upbeat with a jazzy edge, just like its heroes. One of my favorite things about this opening are all the contrasting art styles. From the cel-shaded figures of Joseph and Caesar, to the simplistic designs of the minor characters, and the almost sketchy and dark designs of the Pillar Men, this opening is mind blowing. A fitting opening for the adaptation of the best part of Jojo!

And my favorite Anime Opening is…

1: Cowboy Bebop (“Tank!”- The Seatbelts)


Was there any doubt that this would take number one? The song is as iconic as the anime itself and the jazzy theme really fits the feel of the show. Animated in simple blocks of color with black shadows, the opening is simple but put together wonderfully. This stands up to this day while other anime openings look old and dusty because they tried to be too complex. Brilliant. Simply Brilliant. And Cowboy Bebop still, (in my mind) holds its title as the best anime ever made.