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30 Days of Jojo: Day 2

2: Favorite Villain

This is a REALLY complicated question, so I am going to divide it for ease of answering this.

2a: Favorite Main Villain

Just -narrowly- edging out my second place entry to become my favorite main villain is Funny Valentine. Why do I like this guy so much? Valentine’s motivation is to further the interests of his beloved United States, at whatever cost. Whatever cost. He’s brilliantly written and has both moments where he is intimidating, (when he corners Lucy Steel comes to mind) and moments where he is…well…funny, (Dojyaaaaaa~n anyone?) This is what makes him great to me.

Honorable Mentions:

This magnificent son of a bitch comes in second place. What is there left to say about Kars that hasn’t been said? He’s so wonderfully evil, but unlike Dio, he has a motivation other than “MUAHAHA I B EBIL!”. It all began with a desire to advance his people and be able to conquer the weakness of the sun. Like Valentine, Kars will use any means to achieve his goal. However, Kars just has a lot more fun doing what he does along with looking fabulous. It really was close.

From a villain with brilliant writing, to a villain who is over the top corny, and to one that scares the crap out of me. Yoshikage Kira is without a doubt the most terrifying villain in the series, so as a horror writer, I kind of like him. I am amazed with just HOW far Araki went with this character and how utterly fucked up he is. Firstly, he has an obsession with women’s hands. Secondly, he’s a serial killer. Thirdly, he steals people’s faces. Also, bombs. You do the math.

2b: Favorite Supporting Villain

This is why I had to separate this question into two categories, because although not a main villain, Wamuu is one of my favorite characters -in the series-. Honor, respect, and humanity are not something you would commonly associate with a villain, let alone a vampire-eating Aztec stripper demigod, but that’s what makes this character utterly brilliant. He refuses to commit many atrocities that the rest of his strange little family would and enjoys battle above all things. Can we just classify him as an “anti-villain” now?

Honorable Mentions:

Oh look, another Pillar Man. This one is a complete nutjob! Esidisi is a truly fascinating villain. Kars’ better half, he is the most “emotional” of his bizarre little family, and by that, we mean he goes through extreme mood swings. One minute he could be quietly scheming, and the next he could be screaming and carrying on like a child. He’s intelligent, but surprisingly goofy. I really enjoyed his fight with Joseph and wanted to see more. Also, the gloriousness of his posing has to be seen to be believed.

An odd choice, but an underappreciated supporting villain, Bruford was once an honorable knight serving under queen Mary Stewart. He, along with Tarkus was resurrected by Dio to fight Jonathan and his friends. However, Bruford, unlike his more brutish companion, is a very human character, especially once he is defeated and regains his sanity. He fights not only with a sword but also with his hair, and is a proud warrior, similar to Wamuu. I wish this character was more well-liked.


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