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30 Days of Jojo: Part 3

3: Favorite Character

Oh, funny seeing you here again, Wamuu (and if fangirls can blab about Kakyoin and Dio multiple times, I can do the same with this dude). A true warrior from the start, Wamuu just seemed to be part of what made Battle Tendency special. The fights with him are amazingly done, and his fighting spirit, honor, and characterization made him an obvious choice for this spot. He’s one of those villains that seems almost heroic because of how he behaves, in spite of his ties to the main villain. Also, he is a gorgeous example of Araki’s early “beefcake” style.

Honorable Mentions

Mohammed Avdol is probably the most wonderfully written new character in Part 3. I think of him as sort of a midpoint between the two extremes presented in our group of heroes. On one side we have Joseph and Polnareff dorking their way through things, and on the other we have Kakyoin and Jotaro, who are very distant. I like how he seems to remain focused on the task at hand when all is going to hell around him. Also his moments of humor and sass are brilliant.

I love Speedwagon. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love Speedwagon. He’s the ultimate cheerleader for both Jonathan and Joseph and is so marvelously ridiculous, hammy, and entertaining n spite of having no powers whatsoever. Also his abs can heal wounds. There’s that too. He shares the spot of third favorite character with a different variety of over-the-top- dork…

Esidisi bt color v03 pg004

Esidisi HAD to be on my list somewhere. Sadly, he is underappreciated compared to the other Pillar Men, but he is so amusing, creepy, and ridiculous that I can’t not love him. I love how crazy he is. I wish he had more scenes and material, but what he did have was brilliant.


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