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30 Days of Jojo: Part 4

4: Character you wish wasn’t dead

Now, a lot of people have put their favorite characters here, but I understand that yes, the Pillar Men had to die in order for humanity to continue existing in its current state. So instead, I am going to list the deaths that I feel were absolutely pointless.

I know that there is a trend in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure where a lot of dogs die, but Iggy honestly deserved to go back home and settle down after everything was over. Instead, he dies from exhaustion saving Polnareff. I wanted this doggy to succeed, not get beaten up by Dio’s stupid manservant, Vanilla Ice. It wasn’t quite “rage-inducing” but more sad and disappointing. Rest in Peace, Iggy.

Honorable Mentions:

Sometimes I wonder what the hell Araki was thinking with Vento Aureo. The uninspired characters, dreadful villain, and disappointing ending were bad enough, but killing off Jean Pierre Polnareff was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. Not only was he not nearly as entertaining as he was in Part 3, but he gets killed off by the WORST villain in the entire series…and then his soul is trapped in a turtle. He deserved better.

You know that trope about a character who is believed to be dead, comes back all heroically, only to die for real later? Avdol is that character. While I am glad he was spared from an early death, his sudden demise at the hands of that leotard-wearing piece of shi- I mean, Vanilla Ice, was not a good send-off. He shares this spot with…


Mountain Tim, who also experienced a rather abrupt fridging after a fakeout. I really wanted him to become more of a major player in Steel Ball Run, and yet he was taken out by a lackey, (although Blackmore is a more interesting and less fucking ridiculous lackey than Iceicebaby). Can you tell that I don’t like abrupt and unexciting deaths for characters that deserved better?


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