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30 Days of Jojo: Part 5

5: Favorite Stand

Let me first say something that many people will probably disagree with me over. I wish they would have stuck with Hamon and not switched entirely to stands. I was fine with a few characters here and there having one, but EVERYONE?! I just prefer Hamon and Mode. Guess that’s why I like Battle Tendency.

But if I had to pick a stand as my favorite it would be…


Sugar Mountain is such a unique ability. Most stands assist their users in fighting battles, but Sugar Mountain and its user serve more as a trap for the foolhardy and greedy. The thing is that it only causes damage to the person if that person doesn’t follow the tree’s rules of using up an expensive version of an item dropped into it, or lies to get more expensive items. Its user is in fact the guardian of the tree, or one who fails to spend the items that they are given. Not only is it integral to the plot of Steel Ball Run, it’s very different. Different is good!

Honorable Mentions\

D4c sbr69

This sassy looking highly overpowered gimp rabbit had to make my list, being narrowly edged out by number one. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap is one of the most overpowered abilities I have ever seen in an anime -ever-. It can interact with many alternate universes, effectively resuscitating its user from even the most grievous wounds. It also can gruesomely dispatch people if their alternate selves meet. It’s also implied that Funny Valentine used this stand to give himself some damn fine abs. I approve.

The Hand is another odd choice for a favorite stand,considering its user is an incompetent bumbling fool, but when that incompetent bumbling fool decides to get serious and kick your ass, it is more than competent. It can -completely erase- something or someone from existence, kind of like Cream. but like a thousand times more awesome. It can also hit like a truck and faster than the speed of light.

Sky High

I also really like the idea behind Sky HIgh, even if rods were proven to be hoaxes. Basically Rikiel, the only decent offspring that Dio produced, has the ability to control invisible quickly moving flying creatures that can cause a person to suffer all kinds of -lovely- secondhand effects such as organ failure, disease, and even total brain shutdown. It’s just such a weird stand that I can’t not like it.


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