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30 Days of Jojo: Part 7

7: Least Favorite Villain

Again, I feel like I have to break this up into major and supporting categories.

7a: Least Favorite Major Villain

I dislike Vento Aureo. One of the main reasons why I dislike it is because its villain is so horribly written and just annoying. Diavolo is no “emperor” like he claims to be. He’s a paranoid shitter whose entire personality and motivation to kill is based on the fact that he sees everyone as a threat. Honestly, it would have been better to just omit him entirely and just have Doppio as the surprise twist villain talking to himself the whole time instead of this split personality different selves garbage.

Dishonorable Mentions:

You SUCK Dio Brando, you suck and I HATE you! Although he did become somewhat of a more interesting and amusing villain in Stardust Crusaders, what with the steamroller and all of that business, I found Dio in Phantom Blood to be little more than a child being a brat just for being a brat’s sake. There is literally no other reason given other than that he “grew up in a bad home” or was “ambitious, and ambition is evil”. Just…ugh.

That being said, I don’t much care for DIO in Stardust Crusaders as much as other villains. Yes, he is unintentionally hilarious and hammy, but I think Araki tried too hard to make him “suave”. We must remember that this is a disembodied head inhabiting the body of his adoptive sibling that touches himself way too much. There is nothing sexy about that.

7b: Least Favorite Supporting Villain

Vanilla Ice is basically what happens when a DIO fangirl gains superpowers and becomes a giant mary sue, complete with a ridiculous costume. This piece of shit manages to kill two of the best characters in Stardust Crusaders in very rage-inducing ways, all while proceeding to be more annoying than any other villain in the story arc. Then there is the fact that he looks as goofy as he does and has a goofy name.

J Geil full color

You know Vanilla Ice is pretty bad when I hate him more than a rapist and murderer. J. Geil is despicable, disgusting, and terrifying. In spite of his stand, the crimes he commits against Polnareff’s family are too real and too horrifying for a lot of people. Just…ugh.


How fitting that Tarkus gets this spot whereas Bruford became my third favorite supporting Villain. This bastard is on my list for one reason and one reason alone: the utter disregard for his lifelong ally after he falls in combat. That is not cool at all, and as such he narrowly edges out a child murderer and all of the horrible supporting villains of Part 5. Tarkus, may your name -not- be remembered by history.


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