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30 Days of Jojo: Part 8

8: Least Favorite Character

I am excluding villains and Jojos from this list.


Narancia Ghirga. Just…Narancia. This kid takes everything that is annoying about teenagers and cranks it up to 11. He’s not very smart, he’s loud, and he’s part of what makes Vento Aureo not only mildly intolerable, but my least favorite part in the series.

Dishonorable Mentions:

Yukako cinderella pt3

Although she does improve over time, Yukako Yamagishi is basically a creepy yandere stalker for poor Koichi. I consider that sort of behavior to not only be annoying but disturbing. Until the point where she shows some integrity, she’s just psychotic. Ladies, don’t act like this toward potential love interests.

Joushuu Higashikata

Since he is basically the same character as Yukako, I also do not like Joshu Higashikata due to his creepy and jealous tendencies toward Yasuho, however, I can tolerate him a bit more. He’s just a weird kid who cannot understand people well and is overly attached to the one girl who puts up with him. Typical weirdo, honestly.


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