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30 Days of Jojo: Part 14

14: A Scene that Made You Sad

Oh boy…there are a LOT. This was very hard to choose.

I had to choose Wamuu Returning to the Wind as one of the entries for this spot, but not for the expected reason. This scene shows just how much Joseph has changed as a person, and shows the respect between the two men as Wamuu finally exhausts himself and dies. The fact that he goes out rescuing Joseph from vampires and Joseph salutes him as he fades makes the scene all the more emotional. It seems like Wamuu really did wait all these years for the perfect battle and was able to die feeling content with what he had done. This moment shares the top spot with…

Jonathan’s Death. This scene tears me up every time, even though I know its coming. Jonathan was such a kind-hearted and brave man that I wanted to be happy after everything he had been for. In the end, he felt no anger nor hatred for Dio and even cradles him as he dies. All he truly cared about was that Erina was safe. I dare ANYONE to watch the final episode of Part 1 and NOT tear up just a little.

Honorable Mentions:

Young diego

I initially couldn’t decide who had the saddest backstory in Steel Ball Run. Johnny’s brother died in a freak horse racing accident, Gyro is racing to save an innocent child from death, Valentine was subjected to a story of his father’s torture only to end up tortured himself, Hot Pants having to sacrifice her brother to save herself, Wekapipo witnessing the abuse of his sister. There is SO much sad in SBR. However, I narrowed it down to two stories: Diego Brando’s backstory and Ringo Roadagain’s backstory. Diego was nearly killed off as a baby due to his family being poor and grew up in squalor, with his mother being tormented throughout his early days until she finally succumbs to tetanus. This left Diego with a strong sense of resentment and abandonment. As much as I HATE Dio, his Alternate Universe self is a much more sympathetic figure, and hearing what he had to go through as a mere child was heartbreaking. And then a douchebag version of himself was brought into the world and ruined everything.

Ringo Roadagain is just a tragic character in general. A death seeker, his childhood was truly horrific and no doubt had an effect on why he behaves the way he does. He was very sickly as a child, and while his father went off to war, ultimately to be killed, Ringo and his family were considered traitors. One night he awoke to the horrifying sight of his mother and sister dead, and an intruder attempting to rape him. Ringo was able to shoot the intruder, and developed his Stand, Mandom, however, the event left him shaken and strongly believing in the “True Man’s World”, the gambling of lives against one another, with one entering the “world” once they had killed the other.

-DAMN- SBR, you depressing!


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