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I found this over on TV Tropes so I figured I’d share it with you lovely viewers. It’s the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Drinking Game. (original here: )

Normal Mode

  • Every time a character named after a song or band is introduced.
    • Take two if the character is dispatched in the same scene they’re introduced in.
  • Every time a character drinks alcohol.
  • Every time an Unsound Effect appears.
  • Whenever hamon / ripple is used.
    • Take two drinks if it’s used on an inanimate object.
  • Every time someone uses Rapid-Fire Fisticuffs.
    • Finish the bottle if the beatdown lasts more than two pages / ten seconds.
  • Every time a character explains their powers or techniques.
  • Every time Joseph says something in Engrish.
  • Every time the color scheme completely changes.
  • Every time someone correctly predicts the next line their opponent will say.
    • Take two drinks if the person doing this isn’t Joseph.
  • Every time Jotaro says “Yare yare daze” or Jolyne says “Yare yare dawa”.
  • Every time Josuke gets mad about someone insulting his hair.
  • Every time an innocent dog is brutally killed.
  • Every time a villain claims that they and/or their stand have no weakness.
  • Every time a serious injury sustained earlier vanishes without explanation.

Hard Mode

  • Every time any musical reference is heard, regardless of whether it’s been heard before.
  • Every time a character strikes a ridiculous pose.


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