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30 Days of Jojo: Day 17

17: Most Epic Moment

“Epic” is hard to define, but as a later question asks about favorite battles, I will disqualify fights from this listing, as epic as they may be.

Of course the most Epic moment is one of the most memetic scenes in Battle Tendency. “Awaken my masters!” has everything that makes Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure the amazing thing that it is. The dramatic music, the poses, the hammy voice acting. Seeing this scene animated was even more grandiose than seeing it in comic form. An awesome introduction to some awesome villains.

Honorable Mention:

To make an epic moment you only need three things: a sassy pose, a heroic return “from the dead”, and three words: “YES. I. AM!”. I don’t know about anyone else but when Avdol came back to save Polnareff, I was cheering. It was such an awesome comeback and I was glad to see that my favorite character in Stardust Crusaders wasn’t quite dead.


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