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30 Days of Jojo: Part 20

20: Character I feel I’m most like

Oh GOD this question. It’s so difficult I didn’t do this entry yesterday! “Most Like” can mean a LOT of different things. So I am going to break this one down to try to come up with a good picture of yours truly.

Appearance-wise I’d say my personal style most resembles Suzie Q. I’m a big fan of large A-line skirts and flowers and ribbons in my hair. This outfit she’s wearing here? I probably have something very similar but with different colors. I really got into “retro” feminine style after college when I got tired of jeans and t-shirts, now I live in skirts and dresses and love bright colors. Suzie Q just happens to feature at the beginning of the introduction of these styles. Frankly, I’d look terrible as a blonde though.

Personality-wise I have also split into three segments: Hero and Villain, because I’m not on my heroic a-game all the time. Hero has in turn been split into Jojo and Supporting character categories. And I am making this WAY more complicated than it needs to be!

I feel like I have much in common with Joseph Joestar, which is not necessarily a good thing sometimes. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, but when his family or friends are in danger he quickly snaps into action. Also, when faced with conflict I try to tackle it head on with varying degrees of success. I am also very good at thinking my way out of problems and am known for my sense of humor and vibrancy.

Gyro Zeppeli was an obvious choice for supporting character that I have a lot in common with. He’s another character that can be driven by a desire to right wrongs and take problems seriously, although he has many moments of goofiness, especially when singing songs. He also has the factor of being Johnny’s teacher, and although I have no desire to teach occupationally, I enjoy teaching people things and watching them grow as people.

If I were a villain, the main thing I would want to achieve is scaring the crap out of my opponent, (I suppose as a horror writer I already enjoy scaring people). Esidisi was an obvious choice for villain as a determined and crafty individual. As much as I don’t like to admit it, my temper can sometimes be just as ridiculous. However, I also possess a strong loyalty to those I call friends and would do anything for them.


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