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30 Days of Jojo: Part 22

22: Funniest Character

Although there have been SEVERAL characters in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure that have made me laugh, Joseph Joestar is without a doubt the cause of the majority of laughing fits. Of particular note is the scene where he dresses in drag to try to infiltrate a Nazi base, and again when he greets Santana with “Happy-py joy-py nice to meetcha-py!” He also decides to burst into song when first facing the other 3 Pillar Men. Even in Part 3, Joseph continues to be a barrel of laughs with his spontaneous loud outbursts of Engrish and unintentional hilarity. Even by Part 4 when he is extremely senile, he manages to have his moments.

Honorable Mention:


They say that part of comedy is suffering, or more accurately, enjoying the suffering of others. Jean Pierre Polnareff is a magnet for misfortune and this makes him hilarious. Due to not being very smart, he often finds himself in various predicaments including various “bathroom misadventures”. He also fancies himself a “ladies’ man”, leading to even more blunders. His charging blindly into danger also leads to funny moments such as his interactions with Enya Geil and of course, the situation with Hol Horse and Boingo.


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