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30 Days of Jojo: Part 30

30: Why do you love Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure?

This is a very complicated question, but I suppose I can try to answer it as simply as possible.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is not only creative and unique among shounen series, but it doesn’t seem to take itself as seriously as other anime/manga series. Its fans, (for the most part) also don’t take it too seriously and are generally good people. When I was searching for something different, something not tryhard and edgy, something with a unique style that didn’t make me roll my eyes, and something that wasn’t afraid to make me laugh, cry, and fume in anger all in the span of a single episode, Jojo was exactly what I needed.

Every fan has their opinions about what characters are the best, what ones they want to punch in the face, what art style they prefer and so on and so forth, but that doesn’t matter. The series itself is just brilliant.

To put it simply, I love just about everything!


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