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30 Days of Mortal Kombat: Part Two

2: Least Favorite Character(s)

Oh there are SO many…I don’t know if I can pick just one? As much as I love Deadly Appliance (Alliance) for rounding out some great characters and introducing characters like Kenshi, Bo’ Rai Cho and Nitara, I really really question the logic behind the “Red Dragon”.

Seriously? Who even are these dumbasses? Who the hell is this little hack using hookswords who claimed to have defeated the amazing Kabal? Who is this dumbass in pseudo Nazi gear with a laser chest? They’re trying to make these losers seem important by tying them into the already catastrophic storyline of Armageddon? Lovely.

Mavado and Hsu Hao are literally the worst. They’re that guy who is trying to be cool and edgy and instead looks like a complete moron in the process. I found it amazing that one of the things the Alternate Timeline did was kill them both off hilariously. Even Netherrealm Studios hates these guys, and yet they still manage to have fangirls. Logic. There is none.

Dishonorable Mentions:

What do I see here? I see one AMAZING character and two poorly developed hacks. Kobra is an obviously cheap ripoff of Ken Masters and Kira is just some wouldbe edgy chick that a fangirl would make. The two of them are not as much of a shame to the makers of the series as Mavado and Hsu Hao, but they have been reduced to injokes in X, with Erron Black stating that he killed Kobra in casual dialogue, and Kung Lao making fun of Kano by calling him Kira. The only members of the Black Dragon I want to see or hear about are Kabal and Kano, let’s leave it that way.


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