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Drunkality #2

This is about what my creativity has been…

So I finally return to continue this series of boozy beverages. However, I plan on doing one of these once a week rather than feeling like I have to crank these out all at once. That way I can switch between this, countdowns, and discussions on concepts and theories in horror. Think of it like this: would you rather just eat bagel chips or eat Chex Mix? Granted the bagel chips are the tastiest part, but variety is nice.

So let’s keep the booze coming, eh?

Sub-Zero or…more specifically, Kuai Liang, is more likeable than Hanzo Hasashi in my opinion. Granted he has the standard “vengeance for a deceased sibling” thing going on in the first few appearances he has, but eventually became his own character. Like with all of the characters, he got a lot more character development in the new storyline. He goes through utter hell, being forcibly “cyberized”, dying, being resurrected, being mind controlled, and finally being freed and becoming the Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei. He even buries the hatchet with Hanzo…like, for real. And not in his brain.

The (HA!) Polar opposite of Scorpion, Sub-Zero exerts control over ice. Well, any drink could represent him because many alcoholic beverages are served cold. Then I thought of mint, which can enhance the “coolness”  of any beverage. And of course, it has to be blue. -ICE- blue. Har har.

Sub-Zero Shot

Make an ice shot glass if you have the mold for it, however, a regular glass that has set in the freezer will do just fine. Fill the glass half full with Hpnotiq, Top with peppermint schnapps. Enjoy.


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