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Drunkality #3


The nightly migrations of the college students in my area have begun once again. The liquor stores are stocking up in preparation. Attempting to purchase liquor for my Drunkality! series has become less and less of a fun trip. It’s one thing to drink and enjoy drinking, it’s another thing to run down the street in your underwear screaming.

I have no idea where I’m going with this, but…uh…yeah, Lizard people. Lizard people and millennials are basically the same thing, right?

Reptile is…sad. Not only is he the last of his kind, but he always ALWAYS gets his ass kicked. Seriously, this guy has almost as bad of a time as Johnny Cage. Reptile really only became a character in MKX once he was actually given some damned sympathy by the man sent to dispose of him. Granted, people still pick on him and treat him with contempt in game, but he actually catches a break for once. He defends Kotal Kahn regardless of any threat to himself, which shows that he has potential as a decent character if the series continues, rather than as a mindless hissing beast.

Unlike drunk frat boys that spew junk food, Reptile is known for spewing acid, which was the main influence in the creation of this shot. Paired with the Scorpion and Sub-Zero shots, it’s an interesting trio of spicy, frosty, and sour. It’s one of my favorites in the ninja shot collection, as sour apple is one of my favorite flavors in general.

Reptile Shot

Fill a shot glass half full with Sour Apple pucker and top off with Midori melon liqueur. Squeeze fresh lime juice over the top. Enjoy.


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