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Drunkality #4

Because I’m all out of ideas.

I’m sure some people are wondering: Why do you have these booze posts on your blog? To be fair, that’s where I got my start, with a 21 Sacraments inspired collection of booze recipes. I understand that it’s not necessarily an original idea, but hey, it’s fun! Things that are fun don’t have to make sense. As for this particular series, I plan on covering everyone featured in the series reboot, while doing other characters as requested. I do plan on starting out with the ninjas and then branching out into others. For some reason, the Ninjas are the most popular characters, and so I have decided to make them shots so that they can be easily paired in groups of two or three.

Jury’s out on whether or not Error Macro- erm, sorry Ermac is still a ninja, but if I had to pick a favorite ninja, it would be the ninja that isn’t really even a ninja anymore. Ermac’s character development really kicked off in Deception, which, while it was a generally crappy game, made me really like the character. This continued in MK:9 and MKX, where Ermac becomes less and less of a palette swap and more his own character. Originally serving Mileena, he realized how inept of a leader she was and instead swore allegiance to Kotal Kahn, making him really neither good nor evil. Also of note are the many different souls warring for control within one body, which leads to some interesting endings and may be implemented into the story one day.

I was originally going to make this green and airy in conjunction with Ermac’s powers, however, I realized I already HAD a green shot and instead sought to work off the red of his outfit. The flavor of this beverage is less one-note than the spicy, cold, sour punch of the first three. It’s bittersweet, like the fate of the souls living within one husk.

Ermac Shot

Fill a shot glass half full with Chambord and top off with bitter Campari. Finish with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Enjoy.


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