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Ten Best Character Themes from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven

More music, more fighting, more insanity.

I can’t say that I am in love with the plot of Eyes of Heaven, but again, the combat, characters, and of course, the music, is fantastic!

Again, this list isn’t based on how much I like a character, just how well the music fits them. I’m also not sure if these themes have names…so I will just list the character on this list. That being said…let’s begin.

Honorable Mention: Daniel J D’Arby

Oh yes. Daniel shows up in this game (WOOO!!!). Sadly he is not playable (BOOO!!!), but shows up as part of poker challenges…hence why I placed this at honorable mention, rather than higher on the list. It’s actually not half bad for a theme representing the master gambler. Now if only he were playable…

10:  Old Joseph

Sadly the Jojos are the ones that suffer from having poor themes in this game, and Joseph barely makes the list. It’s pretty generic, but it’s badass. For a badass old man! It’s a marked improvement over his ASB song, but it’s far from the best or most fitting in the game.

9: Gappy

Again, Gappy has a catchy, quirky, and adorable theme, but it felt like it was lacking in the badass quality that the first one had, and instead, sounds a bit too “strippery” at parts to me. That is not to say that it isn’t good, because it is…it just could use some work.

8: Diego Brando (Scary Monsters)

And to the best Dio goes the best Dio theme. This is actually very catchy and somewhat fitting given how pompous he is, but oddly enough, there are some hints of heroism in this, as Diego actually managed to do what Dio could not…make himself useful instead of mucking up everyone’s day. It’s not perfect, but it works.

7: Yukako Yamagishi

The OG Yandere comes with an appropriately Yandere theme. Move over Yuno, Yukako was here first. Although I don’t very much care for her character, I can’t deny that her theme is absolutely fitting, catchy, and captures both her ruthless side and her sweet and caring side. Well done.

6: Funny Valentine

It’s no “They are Those of Justice” but once again, the best main villain in Jojo has the best theme out of the lot of them. This dramatic, flashy, and over the top theme has a deeply heroic feel, which fits Valentine as he wants to be that hero for America. Valentine’s theme had to be moved back just ONE spot to make way for better ones, though.

5: Muhammad Avdol

Avdol’s themes are always awesome, but this one gets pushed back a bit because of how closely it resembles his from ASB. Personally, I still like the ASB one better because of how it sounded like the actual song was mocking the opponent. This still is pretty decently fitting, and enough to make it to the top 5.

4: N’Doul

The character that I was honestly the most excited to see on the roster, (seriously, I may have squealed). But, may I reiterate that this is not about how much I like the characters, but how well their themes fit. A mysterious, driving, but strangely heroic tune certainly fits N’Doul as one of the more human of Dio’s assassins. The only reason why he isn’t higher is because the theme that accompanied his introduction video was even BETTER.

3: Robert E. O. Speedwagon

Everyone was so excited to see that Speedwagon was going to show up in Eyes of Heaven, myself included. And his theme does not disappoint, it’s actually the best theme of a heroic character in the entire game. It’s catchy as hell, and captures both the badassery and the quirkiness of Jonathan’s number one fanboy.

2: Hol Horse

Damn Hol Horse and his earwormy character themes that fit his ridiculous personality and character so well. While not nearly as catchy as MEGYAN, it still is one of the best in the game, perfect for the closest thing that these games have to a joke character, considering his utter ineptitude. Still…it wasn’t epic enough to be number 1. Not by a long shot.

And the best character theme from Eyes of Heaven is…

1: Rudol von Stroheim

When Stroheim was announced I was excited…when I heard how fantastic and fitting his theme was, I became giddy. This awe-inspiring character theme begins with ominous militaristic music and quickly launches into nearly heroic guitar. I honestly cannot wait to prove that German science is the best in the world to this music!


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