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10 Most Disturbing Silent Hill Monsters

Through this fog they came along, dark creatures singing a terrible song…

Silent Hill is without a doubt my favorite mainstream horror series. Hell, I started this blog with a series of Silent Hill 4 booze recipes. It’s about time I return to this great series. Aside from the atmosphere (which I will get to in a later post) most of the scares come from the various twisted monsters you face in the town (or outside of it). This list features the monsters that I personally find the most disturbing, based not only on their appearance, but also what they mean. If you are disturbed by different things, great! Differences make the world go round.

Although I find them interesting, and one (*cough* Nineteen *cough*) has managed to scare the absolute crap out of me on a couple of occasions, the Ghost Victims of Silent Hill 4 are not going to be featured here, because they are not monsters. They are dead people, and do not have much symbolism to them.

Additionally, bosses are disqualified. I’ll do a SECOND list for them.

Honorable Mention: The Monocle Man (Silent Hill: Downpour)

This monster only shows up during the train ride in Devil’s Pit, and yet it manages to be the single most memorable thing about the generally disappointing Downpour. Its appearance is hideous, but what it represents is also truly upsetting; the suicidal guilt of tour guide John Sater. The man does eventually commit suicide right in front of Murphy. That’s some heavy stuff. Too bad it only shows up briefly and in an otherwise unmemorable game.

10: Carrion (Silent Hill: Origins)

Although monstrous animals are common to Silent Hill, it is the carrion that makes it to my list because of how WRONG it is. It is the representation of Travis’s guilt over killing animals with his truck in accidents. It also is one of the most upsetting creatures I have ever seen in Silent Hill as it represents a skinned, malformed cow. As someone who grew up near a dairy farm, it is understandable why it just makes my list.

9: Mannequin (Silent Hill 2)

Mannequins are creepy as hell. Now take two lower torsos of mannequins, smash them together, and make them move unnaturally. Even CREEPIER. This creature represents James’ repressed sexuality and is one of the most iconic creatures of the second game. But they also represent the helplessness of women as they are often assaulted by Pyramid Head and are actually quite fragile enemies. It’s a commentary on James’ worldview, and its presence serves as foreshadowing of a sense…still…mannequins, man. Mannequins…

8: Needler (Silent Hill: Homecoming)

I STRONGLY dislike Homecoming, so for me to even put something from it on this list means it made an impression. And WHAT a damned impression. It’s a visceral representation of childbirth and frankly, does “fucked up childbirth metaphor” better than even OUTLAST. If this game wasn’t so combat heavy and ridiculous, this really messed up creature would be even higher on this list.

7: Closer (Silent Hill 3)

The first monster to show its face in Silent Hill 3 sets the pace for the rest of the game. It is disturbing, twisted, and loaded with symbolism. It represents physical abuse, stereotypical femininity, and the dark side of female sexuality. Of particular note is the fact that this creature’s face doesn’t stop twitching until it dies. It definitely belongs on this list because of how it moves alone and its ability to block doorways with its bulk.

6: Grey Child (Silent Hill game and film)

Without a doubt the SINGLE scariest thing in the first Silent Hill, grey children represent Alessa’s classmates who bullied and tormented her. As someone who was bullied, these creatures depict the relentlessness of children. But these creatures are also disturbing in that the sounds that they make sound like a child in pain, which is distressing to hear as an adult. These things were SO creepy, they had to be censored in some releases of the game. Special mention also goes to the Grey child in the Silent Hill film; one of the designs I actually like from it.

5: Pendulum (Silent Hill 3)

The most visually unsettling creature in Silent Hill 3 that isn’t a boss, the Pendulum, like the mannequin, resembles two torsos smashed together…this time the upper portions. The way it moves is unsettling, but it also makes earsplitting noises. Like the Needler, it could be seen as a representation of childhood, but it could also serve as a metaphor for Heather’s constantly changing life being turned upside down. It is legitimately startling, which lands it the spot at the halfway mark.

4: Twoback (Silent Hill: Origins)

This is probably one of the most disturbing representations of sex that I have ever seen in my life. The physical manifestation of Travis’s loneliness derived from his job and general lack of a sex life, this monster actually startled me when I first saw it. Although many people consider Origins to be one of the weaker entries in the series, this monster belongs so high up because of how disturbing it makes sex.

3: Twin Victim/Bottom (Silent Hill 4: The Room)

These two share a spot because I couldn’t decide which was more fucked up.The Twin Victim monster represents two children that Walter Sullivan brutally murdered as part of his 21 Sacraments ritual. The fact that innocent children are represented as a hideous monster is disturbing enough in and of itself. Does Walter see them as monsters? Is he perhaps haunted by his murder of them? We never know, but they’re still creepy as hell.  The bottom on the other hand is disturbing in that it is a twisted up torso that literally attacks you ass-first. It supposedly represents Walter’s anger directed at his parents for abandoning him, which I’m not too sure about, but holy crap are these disturbing. Not bad for essentially recycling a model.

2: Abstract Daddy (Silent Hill 2)

What is the absolute worst thing you can do to a person? Ask me that and I will always give you the same answer: rape. The Abstract Daddy is the physical representation of rape, even moreso than Pyramid Head, who actually sexually assaults other monsters. Instead of being born of James’ mind, this beast is a representation of all of the pain and suffering that Angela endured at the hands of her brother and father. Not only is what this thing represents horrible, but it is just so WRONG looking.

And the most disturbing monster in Silent Hill is…

1:The Baby (P.T.)

The game that would never be happens to have the single most disturbing…thing I have seen in a Silent Hill game. Resembling a heavily warped fetus, likely Lisa’s aborted warped fetus, it wails and wails in the sink…and then it TALKS. It lectures the player character regarding his life choices in a deep, dark voice.  Instead of screaming or attacking as my reaction generally is to a monster, I just sat there, shocked and befuddled as the little guy spoke. Everything is wrong with this. Literally everything. And this is why it makes number one…and this is why I am disappointed that P.T. wasn’t made…


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