5 Favorite Undead Characters in Video Games



Ah yes, the Undead…Zombies, right?! A mindless, brain-eating corpse, right? Wrong. So VERY wrong. Here, I define “undead” as simply a reanimated corpse. Brainlessness is not a qualification, being awesomely written is. Ghosts do not count, and they will have another list of their own eventually.

5: Cervantes de Leon- Soul Calibur Series


Cervantes is one of my favorite characters in the Soul Calibur series. I mean come on! He’s an undead pirate! Undead pirates are badass! Basically the Soul series equivalent of Davy Jones, he sails around in a ghost ship seeking the Soul Edge and the great power that comes along with it. Nightmare might be the “ultimate evil” but Cervantes certainly has a lot more flair.

4: Pious Agustus- Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem


I love this game, so so much, and let’s face it, the weird and wacky events wouldn’t have taken place if it weren’t for one man. An ill-fated centurion, Pious becomes transformed into a lich by an artifact and becomes the main antagonist through the rest of the game. This corpse has literally clashed with centuries of people, and won…at least until Alex came along. Still, when it comes to persistent villainous corpses with authority…

3: Squigly- Skullgirls


Squigly has one of the saddest stories in all of Skullgirls, as she and her family were murdered by the Mafia. The awakening of a new Skullgirl caused this adorable little lady to rise from the grave with the parasite Leviathan in tow. She’s quite heroic in the grand scheme of things and very likeable, which easily lands her a spot on this list. Best DLC EVER.

2: Aaron Covenant- Clive Barker’s Undying


Undying is a seriously underrated game, in spite of being one of the best horror games I have ever played. The story follows a paranormal investigator as he solves the mystery of the cursed Covenant family. All of the siblings could qualify for this list, but Aaron is without a doubt my favorite. An artist in the vein of Salvador Dali, he would paint hellish landscapes and twisted forms after taking hallucinogens. At some point, he suffered a truly gruesome death at the hands of his twin sister, leaving him with two forms: a ghostly version of himself when he was alive, and his hideous, flayed, shambling corpse.

And my favorite undead characters are…

  1. The Dark Purveyors – Lollipop Chainsaw


They are like potato chips: I couldn’t pick just one! Speaking of these characters, an updated ranking of them will be coming up soon! But enough about that. What I like about these characters is that each one is fleshed out as their own unique entity as well as representing an entire genre of music. Each one has their own quirks and traits that makes them special. While my favorite out of the bunch is, and always will be, Lewis Legend, I couldn’t just give this spot to him. The other Purveyors deserve it just as much.