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Reflections on Being a Media Snob

You would think I would get the damn picture…

Everyone has different tastes and different opinions on what makes good media, but some of us are just generally pickier than others. Pickiness can be good so you don’t run into time wasters. However, it is a double-edged sword that can keep you from discovering things that you might like. People that take pickiness above and beyond just being discerning are called Media Snobs, also known as Elitists also known as Enormous Douchebags.

I, unfortunately, am one of these.

I’m fairly down-to-earth and honest in normal social interactions, but for some reason when it comes to content- particularly anime and video games, I am the biggest fucking snob on the planet. I would blame it on being exposed to genuinely terrible shows by my overly enthusiastic high school and college peers. I would blame it on the weebs. I would blame it on popular series generally being either okay or “dear god turn it off my eyes are bleeding”.

I think I need to tone down the snobbery a bit because I have had two cases of the SAME THING happening in the past few months (Incident 1 in August and Incident 2 LAST WEEK).

The Items in Question?

The Events In Question?

Both times the same thing happened- someone told me about something I previously thought was dumb for some reason. I thought Overwatch was dumb because it was a “TF2 Ripoff” with boring, uninspired characters and a boring, uninspired plot. I thought Kill la Kill was fanservice disguised as nonsense and marked the continued downfall of the branch off of Studio Gainax.

In each case a friend said “Hey, check this out, give it a chance. It has a character you might like.” Hilariously enough, in both instances, said character is a giant, loud guy who serves as a “shield”. I accused them of “preying on my preferences”, but they said I really should give them a second chance.

So I did.

And now I love both things…a lot.

Ironically enough, in both cases, while I do like said “giant loud guy” in each instance, I ended up naming the single goofiest looking character in each cast as my favorite (I blame Australia and Osaka, respectively).

What Have I Learned?

I have learned not to judge things based on my likely skewed perspectives. I need to not let my previous experiences shape my current and future ones. I need to branch out and explore new things rather than clinging to the few things that give me joy. I need to accept that being disappointed with something isn’t the end of the world and at most, I would have only lost a couple hours of my time.

In short, I need to stop being an Enormous Douchebag.


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