The WoW Portrait Project

I’m Baaaaa~ck!

Starting up WoW again made me realize a few things:

  1. Most of my characters needed a bit of tweaking before I was happy with them again because as an “author” now, I am never happy with anything.
  2. Playing a Blood Death Knight is crazy fun.
  3. Roleplay is just as crazy as ever.
  4. Old art is old.

As part of my return, I am making portraits of my characters (and some waist ups because variety, okay?) and would like to open up my drawing services to people who are looking for a nifty little portrait.

I will not charge money, because I never like taking real money for commissions. I don’t even like “charging gold” for commissions. So, if you want a portrait, just let me know what you think its worth and we’ll do it that way. If you don’t have any gold, that’s totally fine, I just like drawing things, and my creativity has been TOTALLY sapped since the beginning of November.

You want NSFW? I can do that (within reason). Tasteful nudity and gross Death Knights are totally fine by me! (I even include an example of MY gross Death Knight). Want your gross Death Knight tastefully nude? I can do that too!

PLEASE SPECIFY if you just want lineart or my digital coloring. As much as I would love to hand color these portraits, my watercolor pencils are dying a slow painful death and I want to keep them around for craft show season.

HERE ARE SOME EXAMPLES(ALL Colored and ALL of my own characters :B):

Airselyn Steelgaze

Alvaro Yanoro

Nulenwien Dawnblaze

Korrosvar Shadowstar

Qadir Calcour

Adrian van der Venne




Goretober Part 3

We are FINALLY HERE! The end of the gruesomeness.

HUGE SUPER ULTRA MEGA WARNING for some -particularly- nasty gore on this one. Although that does not mean that I am any less proud of my work, no-siree. Some of the best things I drew all challenge are here, in the last stressful days of October as I geared up for a work conference.

23 – Trickle (Belial – Demonverse)

Belial of Tears

If the Ten Kings had a ruler, it would be Belial, the Vicious Schemer. He does not lead by force, but rather through care and intellect. He is a strategist, not a fighter, and uses his mind rather than his body. I chose him for “trickle” due to the endless streams of onyx that spill from his eyes, shimmering and decorating him. Many Kings wear jewelry, but Belial prefers to just let the onyx grow wild. This is how he has earned the nickname “The Weeping Wiseman”. One of my favorite designs; regal and effective.

24 – Glass (Hugo Locklear – Demonverse)

Hugo stop being a fuckup

While others transitioned into demonhood with some grace, Hugo became The Dread Talon Andras by stumbling headfirst into it, drunk, and confused. He awoke with his throat cut and a strong craving for whiskey after a rough night. His story is one of the most interesting sections I have written for the compendium, because he’s more Chaotic Neutral than really “good” like the other protagonists. A drunk, a womanizer, a sleaze who uses his “heritage” as a boast, he’s interesting to write.

25 – Desperate (Victor Magnus – Demonverse)

Humans are the real monsters

Humans are the real monsters. That statement holds true for Part 1 of the Demonverse, where the villains consist of scientists wishing to create demons for their own self gain, lead by a madman who wants nothing more than control. Victor Magnus was a good friend of the protagonist, Celeste, until something happened that landed him in jail. We do not learn what that something is until later on, but let’s just say it has something to do with mermaid mythology. A particularly nasty villain who I just loved building up to tear down magnificently.

26 – Tortured (Father Ira – World of Darkness; Changeling – The Lost)

Father Ira Tattoo.jpg

A flashback from way back in my college days, Father Ira was sort of a “starting point” when it came to my methodology for crafting monsters. A True Fae, and the personification of self-destruction, he manifests as a priest of a church in a small town, leading humans to their unwitting doom to become Changeling, or die in the process. He’s rather cenobite-like, in that he feels that he is doing people a favor by leading them through the destruction of themselves and rebirth as something new, something twisted, something…horribly wrong. His design makes my boyfriend cringe. Hehe.

27 – Sick (The Princes – Demonverse)

Sick Comic

I am not too happy with this comic, but it served the purpose of establishing the designs for the Demon Princes, beings that are especially blessed by both the Powers that Be and the Ten Kings. Their bodies contain silver blood and their flesh is partially composed of a jelly-like substance that is translucent and comes in various colors. They are considered to be the most beautiful of the demons. From top to bottom and right to left are Seire, Orobas, Goap, Stolas, Vassago, Sitri, and Aiperos.

28 – Undead (Ulrich – Head Over Heels)

New Ulrich Fullbody

I had to draw my mascot, you know? Ulrich is undoubtedly my favorite character I have ever made. He’s kind, romantic, and brave. I constantly doubted myself when I began to write Head Over Heels, but now it’s one of my favorite projects. I have not only faced my childhood fear of the Headless Horseman, but I have embraced the mythology and made it into something beautiful. Also yes, I just needed yet another excuse to draw this handsome fellow.

29 – Lost (Abraham van Brunt – Sleepy Hollow TV Series)

Brom in stunning color

Brom is colored AGAIN

I did say Hunky HorseMEN didn’t I? Problematic husbando of the year right here everyone. I do really really like the Sleepy Hollow TV series, but only Seasons 1 and 2. As horrifying as I found him at first, Abraham really grew on me. Granted he’s not exactly a nice fellow, being a horseman of the apocalypse, going around killing people, and feeling entitled to Katrina, but he is a hopeless romantic, well and truly devoted to protecting the woman he loves. The outfit is something that I found online that I wanted to dress him in because why not? Also his shirt is open because -why not-?? I also couldn’t decide which version I liked more!

30 – Poison (Stolas – Demonverse)

Stolas paintschainered

Pretty as Princes Seire and Orobas are, Prince Stolas is -cute-. I wanted a character of an ambiguous gender, and the Venomous Tutor seemed to fit. Their color scheme is entirely in blues, and they spend their time as a Guardian of New Blood, helping to teach new demons the values of different forms of poisons. I really like how the coloring came out here.

31 – Gut Spill (Ronove – Demonverse)

Ronove Colored new

I knew that I would draw Ronove, the Fatal Embrace, as the final image, because I mean -look at him-. Once the heir to a fortune built by a former demon tracker that became a legitimate business, he was killed by one of Caasimolar’s bombs when he jumped on it to protect his younger siblings. Risen as a monster, he initially serves as an enemy, but quickly switches back to the heroic side. His design is kind of silly but kind of horrifying, and I love it. Hey, there had to be at least -one- tentacle monster in the Demonverse.



Goretober Part 2

Oh, you’re back?

Ready for more scary monsters and super creeps? No? WELL TOO BAD!

BIG FAT WARNING for Gore, Body Horror, and general wrongness.

12 – Frostbite (Vexen – Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories) – TWO VERSIONS

Digital frigid bitch

Frigid Bitch

Wait WHAT?! The inner thought went exactly like this: “I need to draw someone with frostbite…I’M GONNA DRAW VEXEN AS A WHITE WALKER-TYPE UNDEAD!” I do rather like how this character looks. He has a gaunt face, a thin body, and very large eyes. I wanted to transcribe that into my own art style and then make him dead…ish. I’m not sure which version I like better, but for something I drew in a bar at midnight, it’s pretty good, I think.

13 – Sociopath (Human!Focalor – Demonverse)

Focalor Human

Handsome, well-dressed, debonair, and he’s strangling someone with their own intestines with the most serene look on his face. Focalor is a rather disturbing villain in Parts 2 and 3 of the Demonverse compendium, and it was nice to actually sit back and draw his human form, as opposed to his frankly terrifying demon appearance.

14 – Road Kill (The Cardinal Directions – Demonverse)

Four Unfortunate Souls

Anders Halvorsen (Ose), Marco Morales (Murmur) , Shiriki “Coyote” Foster (Decarabia), and Ken Yoshimura (Crocell) all died in a horrific car accident, but were given a second chance at life. The only stipulation was, they were to become representations of ideals, demonic in form, but angelic in heart. These four boys serve as protagonists in Part 2 of the Demonverse compendium. It was hard, but necessary to kill them off painfully, and I wanted to capture that here.

15 – Drown (August – Monsterverse)

August drowns

Before he obtained the Eye of Envy and became “The Creature”, August was simply a man who got involved with the wrong crowd. He was split open from neck to belly in the shape of a Leviathan cross, and his eye was removed to serve as a relic. Then, he was left to drown and bleed out at the bottom of a lake. I wanted to capture the crushing hopelessness of his situation, and remind the viewers that the man behind the roguish smile and witty jokes once suffered a horrible fate.

16 – Bleeding Out (Zagan – Demonverse)

Zagan Bleeds All over the Fucking Place

The Mangled Magician is one of my favorite subjects to draw, and one of my favorite designs in general. One of the 10 kings, and undoubtedly the kindest, Zagan is a blind and mute demon who navigates his surroundings through manipulating his own blood. Now, I could have had someone dying here, since exsanguination is pretty easy to draw, but Zagan just seemed to work in a more positive spin. Here he is navigating his way through a dark room.

17 – Fear (Damien – Monsterverse)

Damien Wtf

One of my favorite pieces I created this Goretober was this piece of Damien, the Morrigan Spawn, The Shadow, The Spymaster, The Gentleman, and the canon choice for Ruth’s partner. Being able to manipulate his body and survive all sorts of horrific dismemberments at the hands of his arch-enemy, known only as The Reverend. I really love this character (He’s second only to Ulrich when it comes to “favorite creation”) and I’m glad I was able to render him in action here.

18 – Broken (Celeste – Demonverse)

Poor Celeste In color

Torture your protagonists. Make them suffer, make them grow from that suffering. Make the happy ending well earned, if you are going to write one. Celeste Jennings, the protagonist of the first part of the Demonverse compendium goes through a LOT, and I wanted to capture just how horrified she is by all of it.

19 – Cracked (Dantalion – Demonverse)

Dantalion broken

Part 1 of the Demonverse compendium is kind to no one, not even best friends and powerful demons. Dantalion, the Many-Faced Scholar, turns out to be the main character, Celeste’s best friend, which of course puts him into danger. Even when broken, his design is still one of my favorites. He was one of the first I ever made, and still one of the best.

20 – Defeated (Istvan of Hungary – Demonverse)

Sorry Istvan at least your background is fancy

One of the ill-fated protagonists of the Demonverse, seconds before his death and subsequent rebirth as Andromalius, the Silent Executioner, Istvan is one of the few Lawful Good characters that I have. Or is it Lawful Stupid? Either way, he really pulled a Ned Stark here. I wanted to capture his final thoughts before his execution here, but I think I did terrible. Oh well, at least the drawing looks alright.

21 – Starved (The Hierophant (Ian MacElroy)(and The Hanged Man and The Magician) – Eldritchverse)

black and white comic

Starved Comic

The Hierophant is the researcher for the Arcana Gang, who found him alone, walled up in a science lab at the local college and close to death from starvation during one of the attacks. In a showing of his true colors, Zander Lazarus, the Hanged Man, welcomed the scrawny bookworm into his gang with open arms. I wanted to capture this moment in comic form, and have posted both the black and white and colored version.

22 – Cannibalism (Mars Mascar of Dorset – old character)


One of my oldest characters and a cannibalistic Lich with skin the shade of good blue cheese, I knew that Mars would end up in this challenge in some way or another. While I am not particularly proud of what he once was (since I made him as a teenager), I am excited to move this character in a new direction.


Stay Tuned for Part 3: The End! Anatomy lessons and Hunky Horsemen

Goretober Part 1

GORE?! Gross!

I bet you didn’t think that the Hut of Horrors was also transforming into an art blog, did you? Or perhaps you noticed the change in scenery, prompted by me using some of my own artwork as the headers on this little blog.

While I have disparaged gore for gore’s sake in the past, I took on one of many Goretober challenges, specifically the one below:

I chose this one because it is VERY open ended and allowed for more flexibility within the prompts. Some of these are gruesome, some are lacking in gore entirely (fail!). I, however, am proud of myself in the fact that only two of the 31 prompts involve fanart.

Without further delay, here is the first 11 days. And, it should really go without saying, but here’s a BIG FAT WARNING for GORE and BODY HORROR:

1 – Acid (Caasimolar – Demonverse)

Caas barfs on himself in color.png

Caasimolar, the Hellhound whose entire purpose is to cause as much chaos as he possibly can, was a natural choice for this prompt given his acid-spitting ability. Being able to form skin-dissolving bombs out of your own spit doesn’t mean that you yourself are immune to the effects.

2 – Bone (Murmur – Demonverse)

Murmurs Bizarre Adventure.jpg

Hearing the voices of dead people is generally a bad thing unless you are Murmur, the Voice of the Dead. I chose him for “Bones” because his rib cage functions as a telegraph machine between the world of Demons, The Powers that Be, mortals, and the dead.

3 – Decay (Bifrons – Demonverse)

Bifrons Vintage Tattoo

Bifrons, the dual-bodied Grave Tender is the first individual most demons meet upon rebirth. She brings flowers, lights candles, burns sacred incense, and welcomes the new inductee with four open arms. The Keeper of Rot was the perfect choice for Decay. I was inspired by old-timey tattoo ladies and wanted to give one of my favorite female characters a spotlight.

4 – Beaten (Gunnar Argyle – Demonverse)

The literal hardest scene I have ever had to write

Vivisecting one of my favorite characters alive was one of the hardest decisions I made as an author, but sometimes, you have to induce the “Worf Effect” in your story to make sure that people know that the enemies are a threat. Officer Argyle was able to beat down abominations with his fists, so it made sense to have him be one of the first characters to die. Of course we all know he comes back as the giant fire-breathing werewolf, Marchosias, but this doesn’t lessen the impact here.

5 – Burn (Louis – Monsterverse)

Lou goes up in flames

Burned alive on Halloween Night as a child, only to rise again as a Pride Demon, The Hellfire Boy is one of four beaus that vies for the affections of protagonist Ruth. While looking like a stunner right out of the 1950s, I wanted to show what secrets Louis has burning under his sinister skin.

6 – Phobia (Andras – Demonverse)

Andras Colored

Andras quickly skyrocketed to one of my favorite designs and characters when I further refined him as part of this art challenge. A master of weaponizing fear itself, the Dread Talon actually serves as a protagonist in one of the parts of this multi-viewpoint story. He also makes owls scary again.

7 – Chlorine (The Magician (Sean Elroy)- Eldritchverse)

The Magician Card

I admittedly slipped up here. There is no gore. How can you make gore with “chlorine” though? That’s alright, The Magician was up for a redesign that works cohesively well with his buddy, The Hanged Man. A master of the slow-cooker bomb and setting whatever he can possibly find on fire, he doesn’t exactly help with the Arcana Gang’s reputation…

8 – Insanity (The Hanged Man (Alexander “Zander” Lazarus) – Eldritchverse)

WTF Hanged Man

A Terror Hero is a heroic character that goes out of their way to scare the complete and utter hell out of their enemies, and let’s put it simply; The Hanged Man is a one-man horror show. He’s rude, crude, and lewd, and all too eager to smash cultists’ faces in. This is one of my favorite pieces for Goretober, since the gore is subtle, and his facial expression speaks -volumes- as to just how unstable he is.

9 – Arrows (Barbatos – Demonverse)


One of a couple designs entirely created by this challenge alone, I am really happy with my interpretation of Barbatos the bearded huntsman. I pictured him as a more relaxed ally and battle partner of Byleth, the King of Swordsmen. I quite like his face-beard…beard face…and his blue color scheme in this image.

10 – Plant Growth (Purson – Demonverse)

Purson Portrait

Female Demonverse characters are always SO hard to design, because unlike the males, I risk getting the “sexism” statement. Hey, nobody is exempt from getting “changed” in the matter that the Powers that Be see fit. Queen Purson, the Beastmaster, is a kind, but fierce woman whose love for the earth’s flora and fauna is only matched by her tenacity in defending them. I really like this design for her.

11 – Dry (Crocell and Decarabia – Demonverse)

Cuties in the rain

Chibis for Goretober? Chibis for Goretober. While the idea is kind of hard to see here, Crocell, the Drowned Angel, helps keep his friend (later partner), Decarabia, the Knavish Star, dry in a rainstorm. Not my best work, but at least I finally drew them together! Please note that these two are of age, and this is just in a chibi style…I shouldn’t have to say this but…y’know.


Stay Tuned for Part 2: Bigger, Better and…is that Kingdom Hearts Fanart??