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More WoW Portraits

As I stated in my previous post, as part of my return to WoW, I am making portraits of my characters (and some waist ups because variety, okay?) and would like to open up my drawing services to people who are looking for a nifty little portrait.

I will not charge money, because I never like taking real money for commissions. I don’t even like “charging gold” for commissions. So, if you want a portrait, just let me know what you think its worth and we’ll do it that way. If you don’t have any gold, that’s totally fine, I just like drawing things, and my creativity has been TOTALLY sapped since the beginning of November.

You want NSFW? I can do that (within reason). Tasteful nudity and gross Death Knights are totally fine by me! Want your gross Death Knight tastefully nude? I can do that too!

PLEASE SPECIFY if you just want lineart or my digital coloring. As much as I would love to hand color these portraits, my watercolor pencils are dying a slow painful death and I want to keep them around for craft show season.

And here are some more examples that I made of my own characters!

Lizz Fizzapow


Mer'imangis Felspinner

Haestus Aurore

Betine Wellswood


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